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Mirabilia The Rose Of Sharon Ornament Hanger

WIPs Of Mirabilia The Rose Of Sharon Ornament Hanger


I started cross stitching The Rose Of Sharon small motif design on Saturday. She was one of the small version of my small motif design collection. I found this beauty rather plain on her dress. So I decided to add in some little petite seed beads on her hair and sleeve. She was stitched on natural 30ct wichelt linen. Borders are stitched with blending floss from dmc 3721 and kreinik blending filament. I completed making her into an ornament on the second day. So there will be 3 mirabilia ornaments listed this week in ebay. 🙂

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Mirabilia Ornaments- Sabrina , Fairy Moon 10th Jan 2015


Two NEW Mirabilia Ornament hangers will be listed on coming Saturday.

First, I would like to share with you WIPs of Mirabilia Sabrina ornament hanger that I cross stitched and finished it into an ornament hanger. Well, Sabrina was a sweet little beauty in one of the Mirabilia ladies series. I had a difficult time drawing her into my small motif design for my ornament. I thought she could be fit nicely into my design border (the border that you usually see in most of my Mirabilia ornament hangers.) However, I was WRONG! When I added the border into the chart, it was not what I expected. Either Sabrina’s dress was out of the border, or part of her hands could not be seen in the small design. They came out not perfect. I had to change another design border on her. Also, I had to cross stitched her on 30ct. wichelt linen instead. If I were to stitch her on a piece of 28ct. linen, the ornament hanger will be too big in size, which is not what I expected. This is one of the designs with lots of challenges! I want to see Sabrina with full details in my ornament, meaning her head, part of her dress and her hands must appear in the small design.


WIPs Of Sabrina

Sabrina took me 3 1/2 days to complete working on her. The design came out perfect on 30ct linen.

Other than Sabrina, I also stitched along Mirabilia  Fairy Moon. This is one of the earliest design came from Mirabilia. I picked out a natural color fabric for the design instead. I have stitched this design in a dark blue fabric 6 years ago. The background look too dark on the fairy’s dark brown hair, so this round I want the fairy background color to be in either natural or light sand color. I stitched her on natural 28ct. cashel linen. Stitched with lots and lots of mill hill seed beads on her brown color hair. Borders are stitched with blending floss from dmc 597 and kreinik blending filament.



Available In Ebay Saturday, 10th of January!

Mirabilia Ornament Hanger – Sabrina

(*Stitched on natural 30ct. Wichelt Linen)

New border design specially for Sabrina! Border stitched with blending floss from dmc 601 and kreinik blending filament.




Mirabilia Ornament Hanger- Fairy Moon

(*Stitched On natural 28ct. Cashel Linen.)

Moon stitched with silver metallic floss.


P1070777 P1070772


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