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4 Newly handmade Halloween Ornaments in ebay 26 August!

Hello everyone! I will be listing 4 newly handmade halloween ornaments in ebay this coming saturday 26 August at around 5pm PDT. But before the ebay auctions start, let’s take a fast quick peek at these little darlings. This week, I completed one bellpull halloween ornament. So check them out now!   🙂

(click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after the auctions are active after 5pm.)

Waxing Moon Halloween Bellpull Ornament


The Sweetheart Tree Spook-tacular Halloween


The Cricket Collection Crackle Corn Witch


Plum Pludding Trick Or Treat



5 Halloween Fall Ornaments In ebay 22 July 2017!

Hello! Happy to be back here once again. 🙂

Okay so from this weekend onwards Seow Stitchery will be back in ebay listing Fall and Halloween theme handmade ornaments. Over the past two weeks, my fingers are busy with these little humbug ornaments from Just Nan designs. They are super cute and I have been eyeing them for long. So I finally pick up my needles and started stitching the first two humbug for halloween and fall theme.

Here are some of the work in progress pictures to share with you.

WIP: Just Nan Autumn Glory Humbug stitching. (top is Just Nan Hootzi Humbug finished. They’re really cute!)

If you are interested in them, do check them out in my ebay auctions on this coming saturday 22 July.

(Click on ornament title/picture links will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after ebay auctions are active after 22 July, 6pm PDT.)

(*all my handmade ornaments are stitched on linen unless otherwise stated.)

Just Nan Hootzi Humbug Ornament

Just Nan Autumn Glory Humbug Ornament

Besides stitching and making these two little cuties, I also stitched and made some halloween ornaments. Here they are:


~Handmade Ornaments~

The Sweetheart Tree Halloween Jack

Shepherd’s Bush Be A Witch

The Cricket Collection Pumpkin Patch

So these are the five ornaments for this week’s ebay auction. Do check back next week for more new Halloween and Fall ornaments.

See you again next week! Enjoy your visit here.     🙂