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5 New Ornaments In Ebay 28th November!

I will be listing 5 newly handmade ornaments in ebay this Saturday, 28th November. Since the past week was our clearance sale week, I have been working on making other theme ornaments. For this week, there will be winter theme ornaments. And also, not to forget my special OOAK (one of a kind) Swarovski “blink” crystal ornaments. Yes. I have make one this week. These special handmade OOAK ornaments took me a lot of time making them. Especially hand sewn each tiny crystals and pearls onto the crochet lace. I have to keep the stitches neat so the wrong side will not show those ugly stitches. I need to be very patient sewing them.(my eyes are always tired after sewing them.) After completed making the ornament, it’s another tedious job to make the crystal tassel. Therefore, I can only manage to make 1 in each week. But I am always pleased with the result. These OOAK crystal ornaments are special and a treasure heirloom for a serious needlework ornament collector.

WIPs of Just Nan Painted Lady OOAK Crystal Ornament


Started stitching Painted Lady on Monday. I hand painted the butterfly charm with special artpaint made for alloy and metal charms. Since the butterfly charm is tiny, it took me a while to paint the butterfly with 3 tones of colors. Painted Lady is a retired design. Also a rare beauty in Just Nan designs.


So I am finished with the crochet lace part. Now sewing in each swarovski crystals and pearls onto the lace part. This is the most tedious task. I have to do it slowly. I have also handmade a ribbon rose for this ornament.

So, here’s the result!   🙂




I used up a total of approximately 270 pieces of Swarovski crystals (not counting in the faux pearls). Also included a 12mm crystal teardrop in pink ab. The ornament itself is gorgeous from the crystals’ “blink” effect.

Click On the photo or title of ornament link will bring to to each of their ebay auction page. (*note: auctions will start at around 4pm PT.)

Special OOAK Ornament

Just Nan Painted Lady





Cute Winter Ornaments

Shepherd’s Bush Warm Heart



Just Nan Snow Faces



Winter Scene



Just Nan Amethyst Snowflake

A little cute small motif design from Just Nan.   -$17.99 Only One Available!



Enjoy the pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog!   🙂




5 Ebay New Ornaments On 24th October!

Taken a week’s rest from listing in ebay. I will like to thank all of you who have purchased my handmade ornaments in my October’s ebay listings. Well, age is really catching up… Now I have to go on little breaks in each month. A little rest for my pair of eyes. From  the starting of end of October, I will be rather slow making Christmas ornaments for this year. Last year, I stopped making Christmas ornaments due to some larger preorder projects on hand. And this year I may also be making only a few batch of Christmas ornaments. I may end most of my Christmas ornaments before end of November this year. (just to make sure everyone receive their Christmas ornaments from me before 23th December 2015.) So just a few more batch to go. ( these Christmas ornaments will be listed in ebay and they will probably last me about 3-4 weeks of ebay listings to go.) Also to clear off my Christmas ornaments in stock, I will be listing some of these ornaments at discount prices. Do Check them out if you are interested to get them for Christmas.

Okay, Let’s now take a look at what I have completed in the past week!

*If you are interested to purchase any of the ornaments below, kindly click on ornament title or photo that links to each of their ebay auction page. Most of these auctions will be starting at around 5pm PDT.  (*Links will only work when the auction page have started and is active.)

Special Handmade Ornament

I started stitching this Just Nan Royal Blossoms design on last sunday. I took lots of work in progress photos with my lumix camera. Guess what? I accidentially  deleted all the pictures in the SD card.”God! What have I done?” (lol)  So all my WIPs photos are gone in a second.  Careless me!!   😦   (Sorry about it!)

So here left the newly taken photos from the completed ornament.

Just Nan Royal Blossoms handmade ornament


This picture was taken when the ornament was hang up. Take a closer look at the hang up of the Swarovski crystal tassel below.


Have you notice that I have instead included more crystals in this ornament? Also a larger filigree golden cap is used in this ornament. *The Tassels included 1 piece of large gold filigree cap and 51 pieces of Violet AB and Clear AB Swarovski crystals. Can you see them?


Design stitched on cream 32ct. Belfast linen. This design included a bronze bee charm.

Design fully stitched with lots of light violet and white faux pearls and a total of *88 pieces of Violet AB and 31 pieces of clear AB Swarovski crystals.





This Ornament has gorgeous sparkle and beautiful glittering effect from over 100 pieces of the Swarovski crystals.


Christmas Handmade Ornaments

Just Nan Christmas Cheer



Just Nan Twinklings #1 Gold Motif Ornament      Special $19.59!



Just Nan Twinklings #2 Gold Motif Ornament     Special $19.59!



The next ornament will be a relisted item.

Just Nan Turkey Lurking Ornament. Special Clearance Price $19.70!


Enjoy your visit here.     🙂

Ebay 10th October~ 5 New Ornaments!!


Working on this cute little Garden Prince. I can’t wait to finish the entire design. 


Stitched on antique white 28ct. cashel line. Just Nan Garden Prince was a rare retired design. I am thinking of making this into a pretty little ornament’s tassel with only pearls , mill hill seed beads and Swarovski crystals. Most important, the colors must match well with the design itself. So here’s the final result!


Picture taken when the ornament was hang up instead of placing it down. I add a golden cap to add more bead tassels. The ornament tassel is also one of the eye catching thing other than the gold frog charm and the design itself. About 25 pieces of rose, light pink and olive color Swarovski crystals are used to make the tassel. Too bad, my Panasonic Lumix camera didn’t managed to catch the sparkle effect from the crystals. ~ Now, I have created another interesting ornament!    🙂

Also, I’ve stitched another rare design. Just Nan Christmas Keepsake. Stitched on 28ct. cashel linen.


Working or stitching this design is a challenging thing for me. There are so many different stitching methods in this design. For example, the scotch stitches was difficult. It took me an hour to get it done. The design must be work on an ivory or antique white linen and the scotch stitches must be in dmc B5200 white color. So a fairer whiter floss against a more ivory background. What an Eye Challenging job for me!


I managed to complete this design the next day late evening. A bronze Christmas painted wreath charm is stitched on the center of the design. There are a total of 8 roses in this design. 4 smaller ones are stitched with petite stitches and the other 4 larger roses are stitched at corners. Can you see them? There are also 4 small flower stitched with gold metallic floss.

Click on the links on each ornament title or pictures will bring you to their ebay auction page. (note: links will only work when ebay auction are active. *All auctions will be started around 5pm PDT. )

Specially Handmade Rare Ornaments

JUST NAN Garden Prince





Can you see the AB white faux pearls and the crystals??


Christmas Ornaments

Just Nan Christmas Keepsake





Just Nan Jolly Old Elf




Just Nan Blitzen Glistens




Lizzie Kate Share The Season



Enjoy the pictures.   🙂