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LAST 5 New Halloween Ornaments On 10th September In ebay!!

Okay as what you have read in today’s title, yes it will be the last 5 New Halloween ornaments for 2016. All these ornaments are last 5 new designs that I have stitched for the Halloween theme. They will be listed in ebay this Saturday, same timing, So do check them out!

I have been trying to relist the 4 unpaid ornaments in second chance offer format to some of you in ebay. Thank you so much to some of you who accepted the second chance offer. For some of the ornaments unsold through second chance offer, good news to some of you too. I will be getting them relist in ebay under a clearance sale. Just in case if you decided to add one more, you’re always welcome to take a look at the ebay auctions. (Looks like there will be a great selection to choose from.) Always check back this blog for latest updates on the coming pre Halloween clearance sale coming in the next following week! They will be listed at a discounted price! So Check back soon!

Enjoy this week’s last batch of Halloween ornaments. See you soon!    🙂

(Click on ornament title or picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Note: links only work when auctions are active after 5pm PDT.)

Shepherd’s Bush Spooky Heart



Just Nan Witty Witch And Jack



Just Nan Spooky Jack



Lizzie Kate Be Very Scary



Cricket Collection Pumpkin Patch Corn