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Beautiful Mirabilia ‘The Kiss’ and ‘The Petal Fairy’ Ornament hanger!

Valentine’s Day is getting nearer. I decided to cross stitch Mirabilia ‘The Kiss’ small motif design. I want the small design to exclude the background picture. So here is it:

WIPs Of Mirabilia The Kiss small motif design

WPmd-the kiss1

Stitched with lots of different Mill Hill seed beads and pony beads.



Done with the cross stitching. Borders are again stitched with blending floss from dmc and kreinik blending filament. This is a very interesting and beautiful design. One mirabilia design that I always love.

Also I stitched along Mirabilia The Petal Fairy. This fairy is beautiful!

WIPs Of Mirabilia The Petal Fairy small motif design


Stitched with only one color mill hill seed beads. But it is still beautiful!


Many parts of the fairy’s wings are stitched with krenik metallic floss. Beautiful glittering effect on her wings! This design border will also be stitch with blending floss from dmc and kreinik blending filament.

Now, Let’s get ready and take a look at the finished ornament hangers!!


Available in ebay on 24th January 2015!

Mirabilia The Kiss Ornament Hangers

Stitched on light pink 28ct. Cashel Linen.




Mirabilia The Petal Fairy Ornament Hanger

Stitched on hand-dyed misty light sky blue 28ct. Cashel Linen.

Ornament center top with a Lucite petal flower handmade ribbon bow!