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5 New ornaments in ebay 19th March !

Hello & Welcome back to my blog today!

I took a little one week break listing in ebay. So now, I’m back this week. Yes! Starting from this week, there will be newly handmade ornaments for sale in ebay. Mother’s day falls on early May. But since shipping usually takes about 2 weeks to reach most locations, it’s always best to get them listed now. (So that most of you can receive the ornaments before the dateline.) There are probably not more than 10 mother’s day ornaments this year. So starting this week, I will get them listed in ebay. (First 3 of them for this week.)  So here are the 3 Mother’s Day ornaments for the week.

(*Simply click on title/picture link to view ebay auction page. Links only work when auction has started after 4pm PT.)

Shepherd’s Bush A Mother’s Love



Happy Mom Mom Day



A Mother’s Love Is A Special Thing




Just Nan Seasonal Gems- Spring


So other than these four ornaments, I will also be listing my special OOAK egg shape ornament this week. This little egg ornament took me almost two weeks to complete making her. Because I run out some sequin pieces in the middle part of making her so I ordered them and waited a week to reach me in the mail. (OMG! my mistake again!) Okay but anyway, finally here is it!

finished completed Just Nan cross stitch ornament June Zimonick style!

One-Of-A-Kind crystal beaded ornament!

Loaded with white and ab pearls;  lt. blue, pink and white ab swarovski crystals; gold filigree flower; tiny round ab white sequins, gold metallic cordings, golden braid trim; ornament center is handstitched with pretty cross stitch design from Just Nan Lady Scarlet Secret Garden – stitched on antique white 28ct. cashel linen with petite mill hill seed beads and dmc floss.

-I name her “Lady’s Secret Garden”-







To view more close-up picture of this ornament, kindly visit it’s auction page. Thank You so much.

See you again next week!    🙂


4 New Ornaments In ebay on 14th November

This Saturday, there will be only  4 newly handmade ornaments for sale.  

Since it’s coming to middle~end of November and as I have sold most of my Christmas ornaments for this year so probably from starting of next week, I will not be making anymore Christmas theme ornaments.  This is to make sure those of you who purchase my Christmas handmade ornaments will receive your ornaments before the Christmas week. (Since I know some of you purchase the ornament as Christmas gifts.) So just 2-3 more Christmas ornaments to list in ebay in the next coming two weeks. However, all unsold ornaments will still be relisted in ebay. As shipment will take 8-10 working days to reach most destinations, so if you are thinking of getting your very last Christmas ornaments from me, do check out my ebay auctions in the next two weeks.  I will put them on sale price.  🙂

Also, a big Thank you! to those of you who have already purchased your Christmas ornaments from me. I really hope you enjoy your purchases.  ~So now, let’s take a look at what I have handmade in the past week.

Special Ornament from Just Nan Queen’s Heart


Started stitching Just Nan Queen’s Heart on sunday. This is a rare limited edition design. And since the design is in a heart shape, I have also create this into a heart shape Swarovski crystal ornament. Yes! lots of glittering crystals again! Love the glittering effect from the crystals. A silver crown charm is also stitch in this design. Photo showing the ornament. Tassel is not yet completed. I will add in the crystal tassel later. This round I will make the tassel a little different. Maybe.. I will add in a large teardrop crystal at the bottom.


So here is the tassel. I added 5 pieces of 12mm pink ab teardrop crystals around the bottom level of the tassel.

So here is the tassel. I added 5 pieces of 12mm pink ab teardrop crystals around the bottom level of the tassel. I used up a total of 298 pieces of Swarovski crystals, including 5 pieces of pink AB teardrop crystals. The crystal ornament is gorgeous in person, picture do not tell justice. Also for this heart shape ornament, the crochet lace design has also been changed. (have you notice that?)  🙂

Click on the title or photo link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Auction will start on 14th November  around 5pm PDT.

Special Handmade Ornament

Just Nan Queen’s Heart







Christmas / Winter Ornaments

Just Nan Holiday On Ice



Just Nan Seasonal Gems – Winter



Shepherd’s Bush Be Warm



This design is stitched with handmade & hand-painted cray buttons.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Enjoy the photos. Happy Stitching too!