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5 Newly Handmade Ornaments!

There will be 5 newly handmade ornaments in ebay this Saturday. One of the Halloween ornament that I want to talk about is a large size Halloween ornament that I made this year. It is an unique piece! This is the only one very large size ornament that I made for this coming Halloween 2015. So if you miss this one, you may have to wait till the next Halloween on 2016. (And who knows…maybe.. I may not even make another similar one again?) The reason is because this design in a larger size compare to others. It also takes a much longer time to cross stitch and make it into an ornament. Okay, you may be wondering which design I’m talking about. So let’s get started and take a look at the ornament I have been talking about.

WIPs Of the large size ornament: 


Well here it is! A beauty! Took me 3 days to stitch.


Just Nan – Victorian Roses



Rare OOP design! Stitched on 28ct. linen with many mill hill seed beads. A very beautiful design.

Just Nan – Ghastly , Ghostly Ghouls! (Large Size Ornament)



Stitched on 28ct. linen, a skull charm is stitched on this design. This is indeed a colourful Halloween design from Just Nan. Also a Pretty Halloween design! Don’t miss out this ornament! It’s RARE & Hard to find!

The Drawn Thread – It’s Halloween!



It’s Halloween! Yes it’s going to be! ~Stitched on 32ct. linen. Moon stitched with dmc gold metallic floss. A rich color tone design.

Just Nan – Poor Jack!



Stitched on 28ct linen. I made this design into a round ornament.

And I also started listing my very first Christmas Ornament in 2015! Here is it!

Just Nan – Snow Deer ( Rare OOP Design!)



Another Rare “Out Of Print” Just Nan design. Just Nan Snow deer was stitched on 28ct linen. Sides of ornament are top around with a handmade gold metallic twisted cording.

I will be listing Christmas ornaments from this week onwards. I will slowly increase the number of ornaments down the weeks too. Do check out my blog for more updates.

Thank You For Being Here! Enjoy the pictures! Happy blogging & Happy Ebaying!



4 Newly Handmade Ornaments On 1st August 2015!

As I have mentioned in my blog yesterday, I will probably be listing 4 newly handmade ornaments in ebay this coming Saturday. And Yes! I did!

So here are the 4 ornaments.

Just Nan – Flower Girls



Stitched on 32ct linen with many mill hill seed beads and a Lucite flower bead in center. I specially crochet knitted the lace with matching marine blue and multi colors of rose blue cotton crochet yarns. Also top with a matching sheer and satin ribbon bow in center top of ornament, making this little cute ornament a little different with the vibrant colors.

Sweetheart Tree – Pumpkin Time Heart



Stitched on 28ct linen with a Jack-O-Lantern charm in center. This design included some different stitching methods. This is one of a special heart shape Halloween ornament that I made.

Just Nan – Pretty Wicked



Stitched on 32ct linen. Just Nan Pretty Wicked may seems similar to another Just Nan design – Be Witchy but yet they are different from one another. This witch has pretty eyelashes. The design has vibrant tones of colors. A very cute Halloween design.

Heartstrings – BOO



Stitched on dirty green 28ct. jobelan. I have made this ornament with a tones of violet and white crochet laces at sides to match the design colors.

Enjoy these pictures!  🙂


2 Newly Made Ornaments 23th May 2015!!

I will be listing 2 newly handmade ornaments  later in ebay today. This may be the last two that I will be making for Just Nan design before June. Well, hopefully I will have some extra time for making new ornaments in June. But in the meantime, here is the 2 newly handmade ornaments for this week. Don’t miss them! So here they are:


Just Nan design – Honeysuckle Rose (limited design)

1 2

*Stitched on antique white 28ct. Belfast Linen. A beautiful hummingbird charm is also stitched in the center of the circle ornament.

Just Nan design – Rose Lady (limited edition)



*Stitched on antique white 28ct. Belfast Linen. A handmade /hand painted ladybug cray button is stitched on this design.