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5 Ornaments In ebay this Saturday!!!

Here comes my five newly handmade ornaments that will be available in ebay this coming Saturday 25th July.

To ensure that my handmade ornaments are special, I always try to make one ornament from each particular design. I do make similar ornaments but they will not always be exactly the same. Always Remember that all these ornaments are 100% handmade items!  🙂

-Okay, so let’s get going and take a quick look at the 5 new ornaments now.


Just Nan – Sunny Summer Happy Garden (OOP design)



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss, lots of mill hill seed beads and a cute sunflower charm. Sides are specially hand crochet with matching color crochet cotton yarns, center top with matching color organza and satin ribbon.

This is one of the Just Nan Out Of Print design that I rarely made. Just Nan designs are always a beauty when you make them into cute ornaments and hang them somewhere in your home. But as usual, their design always come in a limited edition. Especially for this one too. So don’t miss it if you are a fan of Just Nan designs.

Just Nan – Rosebuds



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss and lots of mill hill seed beads. Sides hand crochet with light rose glittering crochet cotton yarns. Another beauty I made from Just Nan design.

Just Nan – BEWARE!



Stitched on 28ct. jobelan with dmc floss, center top with cute matching Halloween grosgrain ribbon, sides are also top with an extra handmade twisted cording. This is an unique ornament I don’t usually make. I do stitched the same design at last year’s Halloween, however, this time I managed to stitch this cute design again and turn it into a cute little ornament.

Just Nan – Horrified



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss, center top with a cute jack o lantern grosgrain ribbon, sides are also top with an extra orange handmade twisted cording. A Cute Halloween ornament.

Val’s Stuff – BOO MOON



Stitched on 28ct jobelan with dmc floss , a moon and star cray button are also stitched on this design. Center top with cute Halloween spider grosgrain ribbon. Don’t miss out this cute little ornament for Halloween!

~~So here are the 5 ornaments. I hope everyone enjoys viewing my blog and the pictures of my handmade ornaments. I received a few “likes” on some of my posts recently. THANK YOU so much for liking some my posts and I really appreciate your visit!

Enjoy Your Stay! Happy Stitching!

3 Newly Made Ornaments In Ebay On 2nd May!!!

As I have mentioned last week, I will be making less ornaments in May. Other than taking some rest for my pair of eyes, I will also be cleaning up my craft room during this summer break. My craft room is not very tidy these days. LOL. I have too many bits and pieces of old  fabrics that need to be clear up. I haven’t clear them last year so will have to get it done this year.

However, I will still try to stitch and make some new ornaments so that they can be also listed in ebay. Also, I am still along the way trying very hard to complete my second Lanarte preorder.

So here are the 3 newly made ornaments that will be listed in ebay on 2nd May 2015.

The Sweetheart Tree – Cache Heart



Stitched on Clay Opalescent 32ct. Lugana, this is a beautiful design. Other than mill hill seed beads, pony beads and heart Lucite bead, this design also uses dmc #12 pearl cotton thread and dmc silver metallic floss. Many special stitching skills are also applied in this design. This is a special design and I specially construct it into a heart shape ornament. Sides are crochet knit with multi pink violet crochet lace. Beautifully finished.

Just Nan – Swan Lake



Stitched on hand dyed vintage dark green 32ct. Belfast Linen, another gorgeous design from Just Nan. Also stitched with dmc gold metallic floss, mill hill seed beads and also a little tiny silver crystal charm is stitched into the center of the design. A rare limited design from Just Nan. Don’t miss out this pretty ornament!

Stoney Creek – Never Give Up



Stitched on vintage country cream 32ct Belfast Linen with an orange Lucite flower bead. This is a pretty design with three very important words to remember forever in life.

~So here are the 3 ornaments that will be listed in ebay on this coming Saturday. Next, I will like to share with you a cute elegant Just Nan design that I miss out when it was first released in the year 2006. Here is the picture of the design.


Just Nan chart with embellishments- Mermaid Heart (released in 2006)

It took me a few months to search this chart pack online. Because most of Just Nan designs are released in a very limited edition, it is not easy to get a chart pack that is released years back.  I went to a few online craft shops, but either they don’t ship to my country or it is out of stock. And that I also miss out a few rare chances to get her in ebay, it’s totally not possible to find one again.

But before I was thinking of giving up hope finding this chart pack again, I was surprised to find one ebay seller selling it and also he/she provide a worldwide shipping service. I was so happy and I purchase it immediately in ebay. I am now really looking forward to receive this little beauty that I once miss it out. I can’t wait!!! Although, maybe… I will not have the time to stitch her now but it is still a very happy thing to see the chart pack in person. If I am able to stitch her during my extra time, I will post my WIPs here. 🙂 my promise.

“Have a wonderful time here. Happy stitchy hours to those who are fingers busy!”



5 New Ornaments In Ebay 18.04.2015

Here are the 5 newly finished ornaments that will be listed in ebay tomorrow.



The Sweetheart Tree – Renaissance Romance

This little beauty was stitched on raw 28ct. cashel linen with many mill hill seed beads and a heart charm bead in center. I choose a matching multi blue lilac crochet thread to knit the crochet lace around the sides of ornaments. She is a rare beauty!



Just Nan – Sizzle!

Stitched on light aqua 28ct. cashel linen, Sizzle! is a cute colourful summer design from Just Nan. The rainbow crochet lace around the sides of ornament matched nicely with the design itself. Center stitched with a flower Lucite bead.



Stoney Creek – Live, Love

How can I miss this lovely design from Stoney Creek. She fall into my stitching wishlist two months ago. She was stitched on a Vintage country cream 32ct. Belfast Linen with 2 tiny orange heart button. I picked a new multi beige cream color crochet thread to knit the crochet lace around the sides of the ornament. I really love the finished look of this ornament. The crochet lace color matched well with the linen color and the design itself.


The Sweetheart Tree – Americana Hearts

A beautiful design from Sweetheart Tree. Stitched on  light sand 28ct. jobelan with some mill hill seed beads and a silver metallic heart charm bead in center.


Lizzie Kate – Liberty Sampler

Stitched on light aqua 28ct. cashel linen. A cute little liberty sampler.

~”All Ornaments Are Handmade and Hand Sewn by TAN.” Enjoy the pictures.