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4 Halloween Ornaments In ebay 6 July !

There will be 4 handmade halloween ornaments in ebay this sunday 6 July. All unsold ornaments from last week’s auction will be relisted this week. Next week, there will be probably 3-4 ornaments in our ebay listings. Do check back weekly for newest updates! See you soon. Have a nice week!   🙂

(click on ornament title/ picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after all auctions are active after 6pm PDT.)

Stoney Creek Scary Night Halloween

Just Nan Beware!

Heart In Hand (HIH) Halloween Fright Night

The Cricket Collection Pumpkin Patch

3 New Halloween Ornaments in ebay 29 July!

Seow Stitchery will be listing 3 New and 2 Relisted handmade Halloween ornaments in ebay this saturday 29 July at 6pm PDT. (Total of five ornaments) Although there are only 3 newly handmade ornaments for the week, but two of them are larger size ornaments. One of them came from Stoney Creek design and the other is a bellpull ornament from Waxing Moon design. The last one from Just Nan design. So let’s get started and take a quick peek at these three little “darlings”.

Enjoy the pictures and see you soon next week!  🙂

(Click on ornament title /picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after 29 July, 6pm PDT.)

Stoney Creek Scary Night Halloween

Waxing Moon Halloween Bellpull Ornament

Just Nan Beware!


*RELISTED Newly Handmade Halloween Ornaments

The Sweetheart Tree Halloween Jack

Shepherd’s Bush Be A Witch


5 Ornaments In ebay this Saturday!!!

Here comes my five newly handmade ornaments that will be available in ebay this coming Saturday 25th July.

To ensure that my handmade ornaments are special, I always try to make one ornament from each particular design. I do make similar ornaments but they will not always be exactly the same. Always Remember that all these ornaments are 100% handmade items!  🙂

-Okay, so let’s get going and take a quick look at the 5 new ornaments now.


Just Nan – Sunny Summer Happy Garden (OOP design)



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss, lots of mill hill seed beads and a cute sunflower charm. Sides are specially hand crochet with matching color crochet cotton yarns, center top with matching color organza and satin ribbon.

This is one of the Just Nan Out Of Print design that I rarely made. Just Nan designs are always a beauty when you make them into cute ornaments and hang them somewhere in your home. But as usual, their design always come in a limited edition. Especially for this one too. So don’t miss it if you are a fan of Just Nan designs.

Just Nan – Rosebuds



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss and lots of mill hill seed beads. Sides hand crochet with light rose glittering crochet cotton yarns. Another beauty I made from Just Nan design.

Just Nan – BEWARE!



Stitched on 28ct. jobelan with dmc floss, center top with cute matching Halloween grosgrain ribbon, sides are also top with an extra handmade twisted cording. This is an unique ornament I don’t usually make. I do stitched the same design at last year’s Halloween, however, this time I managed to stitch this cute design again and turn it into a cute little ornament.

Just Nan – Horrified



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss, center top with a cute jack o lantern grosgrain ribbon, sides are also top with an extra orange handmade twisted cording. A Cute Halloween ornament.

Val’s Stuff – BOO MOON



Stitched on 28ct jobelan with dmc floss , a moon and star cray button are also stitched on this design. Center top with cute Halloween spider grosgrain ribbon. Don’t miss out this cute little ornament for Halloween!

~~So here are the 5 ornaments. I hope everyone enjoys viewing my blog and the pictures of my handmade ornaments. I received a few “likes” on some of my posts recently. THANK YOU so much for liking some my posts and I really appreciate your visit!

Enjoy Your Stay! Happy Stitching!