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5 Ornaments In ebay on 5th September!

Took a little small break for 1 week and now I’m back listing my handmade ornaments in ebay and …hopefully I won’t become another victim of the glitch in eBay’s mobile app again. (lol.. I hope this  little nasty “faulty technical bug” is gone forever.)

Okay, so let’s take a look at the 5 ornaments this week.

Just Nan – Among The Roses



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss and gold metallic floss. A golden painted tortoise charm bead is stitched in center. I really love this elegant design with roses and butterflies. Also four pink hearts are done in satin stitches. Cute!

Just Nan – Batty Hatty & Boo (Trick Or Treat)



Stitched on 32ct. linen. Design came from Just Nan Batty Hatty & Boo. Also stitched with kreinik metallic floss.

Shepherd’s Bush – Boo



Stitched on 28ct. jobelan. A jack-o-lantern painted charm is stitched in this design. A Cute design!

Just Nan – Moon Riders (Jinx)



Stitched on 28ct. linen. I stitched extra border and added in special stitching into the outer border to make this design more colourful. So it makes it a very special one for Halloween!

Just Nan – Reindeer Games (oop design)



Just Nan Reindeer Games is one of the oop (out of print) design and is very rare you can hardly see this design now in anywhere. Sides of ornament are also top around with gold metallic handmade twisted cording. She was stitched on 28ct. linen with many seed beads. A sweet Christmas design from Just Nan.

~ Enjoy these pictures. Oh btw, I will make lesser Halloween ornaments down the weeks and top up more Fall and Christmas theme ornaments. So Check Out my ornaments down the weeks in ebay.

~ Have A Happy Week! For some of you in United States, Happy Labor Day too!