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7 May – 4 New Ornaments In ebay!

*Before you bid for this week’s ebay auction, Please kindly take note that Our local post office will be close from 19 May 2016 – 29 May 2016. Our last shipment will be on 18 May 2016.  If you win any of my ebay auction ended on 14th May, please kindly make your payment before 18 May 2016. *Otherwise all late payment will delay in shipment, as the next earliest shipment date will be on 30 May 2016 when the post office reopen. Thank you so much for your kindness understanding!   – TAN.

As you have refer to my above notice, YES!! Our local post office will be close on 19 May- 29 May 2016. Since they are close during this period, I am unable to ship out winning items after 19 May 2016.  😦  Guess all I have to do is to get over this and wait patiently for them to reopen on 30th May so that I can resume my daily shipping there. OMG! It’s a little long wait.  

Anyway, I will still be listing 4 new ornaments on 7th May 2016. (as I promised in my last post) Then I will have to take a break from listing in ebay on 14th May.( since.. I cannot ship items during the period when the post office are close.) I will probably return for business in ebay on 21 May 2016. (my bad local post office cause these trouble for me.) Okay, but not bad after all, I get to rest for a week. And I hope I’ll return for something new and special. So here’s this week’s new ornaments! Enjoy these little darlings! And I promise I will be back here soon.    🙂

(Click on the picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction. Links will only work after auction is active after 5pm PDT.)

Shepherd’s Bush Sail



AOY Fun In The Water



God Bless America Sampler



Shepherd’s Bush Believe In America