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Hello and Welcome to TAN’s Seow Stitchery blog. I am TAN the stitcher and owner of Seow Stitchery. I have been stitching for more than 35 years. I love making Needlecraft items. I love cross stitching. I love crochet knitting. All things that are link to craft and colors are my favourite. My needlecraft teacher is my grandma. When I was a child, she show me how to stitch. She made her own clothes, my clothes, blankets and love to knit. I remember asking her where did she learn all these needlecraft skills from? She told me my great grandmother was an awesome stitcher so she picked up skills from her. When I first started to set up my first online needlecraft business in yahoo auctions back in 1998, I decided to name my company as Seow Stitchery. ‘Seow’ is my grandma’s name. I want to remind myself without grandma’s teaching, I won’t be setting up my own online shop today. ~I became a craft teacher later. But I want to introduce to the world my handmade needlecraft work. So one of my good friend asked me to sell online. I thought it might be a good start. Now it’s been almost 16 years. I have sold and shipped thousands and hundreds of my handmade needlecraft work all over the world. I knew many nice people and customers across the globe. I am so grateful for all my followers and supporters all these years. Their continuous support is my greatest motivation to create more needlecraft work. As long as I am able to stitch, I will continue this passion down the years. May all of you enjoy my needlecraft work! All the best to you and your love ones.  

Warmest Regards, TAN.


History of Seow Stitchery:

1998 – set up in yahoo auctions.

2001- set up in ebay.

2014 -set up in etsy.

2015 – Awarded as an Ebay Top Rated Seller


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