Just Nan Spring In The Square & Many Other Ornaments!

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog again. I hope everyone is doing well and fine. As the world is battling with covid-19 virus and I am here praying everyday that this nightmare will end soon. As my local goverment has warned us to stay indoors lesser going to malls or shops, I have been staying at home almost every day spending my time stitching and watching TV programmes. I have to say ” It’s been a hard time for everyone. But just hang in there, we’ll see a ray of light at the end of every tunnel. Don’t give up! ” This week I decided to list three spring ornaments in ebay. I have been pending on listing in ebay for the past two weeks due to the outbreak of the virus. And I have been watching closely on the latest situation. But as things goes on, we still need to shop, eat and enjoy the things we like. So ebay encourage sellers to continue selling their items online. So here I am, again, listing in ebay.  However, here is a small notice for all my ebay customers.

NOTICE: Due to this covid-19 outbreak, many countries have lockdown their cities. However, Singapore is currently not under lockdown. Our postal office are still business as usual. However in case of a sudden lockdown announcement in my country (which is rarely) and that I am unable to ship out packages to United States, I will send ebay message notice to all of my customers and refund will be done immediately for all transactions. I find a need to bring this notice to all my customers beforehand. As no one will know how bad the situation will be. But let’s all pray that things gets better in next few months. 

Enjoy your visit today. See you again soon! Take Care Everyone! Wish All Best Of Health!  -TAN. 


(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after 30 March 2020, 2pm-2.20pm PDT.) 

JUST NAN Spring In The Square   (NEW Release!)

Lizzie Kate Hippity Hoppity  (SALE!)

The Sweetheart Tree Bunny Business  (SALE!)

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