6 Spring Easter Ornaments in ebay 29 February 2020


“Let’s All Pray For A Cure Soon For The Covid-19 Virus”

Hello Friends, It’s end of February 2020 and March Is getting closer. The world is now in worries of the covid-19 virus. Let’s all pray as days pass that there will be a cure soon against the virus. Since March is arriving, I will be listing six newly handmade spring easter theme ornaments. These will be the first six easter ornaments for the year. I may be making more down the weeks. So do check out my ebay auctions this saturday. Enjoy your visit today!  🙂

(Click on ornament title Link to view ebay auction. Links only work after all auctions are active after 29 Feb 2020, 7pm PDT)

JUST NAN Tulip Time  (NEW Release!)

Lizzie Kate Hippity Hoppity  (NEW Release!)

Lanarte SPRING   (NEW Release!)

JUST NAN Tulip Bunny   (NEW Release!)

The Sweetheart Tree Bunny Business  (NEW Release!)

Lizzie Kate Spring Basket  (NEW Release!)

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