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5 St.Patrick’s Ornaments In ebay 1 February 2020

Hello Friends,  Welcome back again to my blog after the long Holiday break! In this coming saturday’s ebay auction, I will be listing five newly handmade St. Patrick’s ornament in ebay. Do Check them out! See you gain next week!   🙂

(Click on ornament title Link will bring you to each of their ebay auction. *Links only work after all auctions are active in ebay after 1 Feb 2020, 7pm PDT. )

The Trilogy Secret Shamrock  (NEW Release!)

Shepherd’s Bush Irish Heart   (NEW Release!)

Bent Creek Clover Of Clovers   (NEW Release!)

Lizzie Kate LUCK   (NEW Release!)

San-Man Originals Lucky Flower   (NEW Release!)






Seow Stitchery will not be listing any items in ebay during the Chinese New Year holidays since our local post office will be close during the holiday season from 20-29 January 2020. Our next available shipment date will be from 30th January 2020. We like to wish all customers a very Happy Chinese New Year 2020! Do remember to check out our next ebay auction in late January to early February 2020. See you soon!  🙂


5 Valentine’s Day Ornament In ebay 4 Jan 2020!

Hello Friends, Happy New Year 2020! In this coming saturday’s ebay auction, we will be starting ahead to list 5 newly handmade Valentine’s Day ornaments. These may be the only five Valentine’s day ornaments for 2020. I really haven’t decided if I will be making more of these valentine theme ornaments. But for now, these will be the five I have made for 2020 Valentine’s Day theme. So Don’t Forget to check them out in this coming saturday’s ebay auction.  See You Soon!   🙂

(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction. Links only work when auctions are active after 7pm.)

Just Nan Be Mine Valentine (Larger complete version)   NEW Release!

Shepherd’s Bush LOVE  NEW Release!

Just Nan Cherub Garden  NEW Release!

Just Nan Strawberry Heart  NEW Release!

LOVE & Roses  NEW Release!