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Winter Ornaments in ebay 14 December 2019!

Hi Everyone, Do Check Out our newly handmade winter ornaments in ebay in this coming saturday’s auction. All unsold ornaments from the previous week auction will also be relisted in the ebay. See you soon again! Enjoy your visit!  🙂

(Click on ornament title link to vist each of their ebay auction. Links only work after all auctions are active on 14 December 2019, 7pm.)

Country Cottage Needlework designs Snowmen Trio   (NEW Release!)

Shepherd’s Bush Happy Snowman   (NEW Release!)

4 Winter Ornaments in ebay 7 December!

Hello Friends, Do Check out our new winter ornaments in ebay, this saturday 7 December 2019 7pm onwards in ebay. Thank you for your visit. See you soon!   🙂

(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after all actions are active.)

JUST NAN Snowberries   NEW Release!

Shepherd’s Bush Poor Robin   NEW Release!

Stitchy Fish Design Snowmen Cone   NEW Release!

Shepherd’s Bush Earth’s Delight   NEW!