3 Newly Handmade Halloween Ornaments in ebay 3 August!

Hi everyone! August will be here soon. And It’s the time to list Fall and Winter theme ornaments again. In this saturday’s ebay auction, I will be listing three newly handmade halloween theme ornaments. One of them is a Rare Hard To Find ornament design from Just Nan Count Lescarrot. This is the first time I have finished and completed this little cute ornament for halloween. Also, there will be two newly release halloween ornaments in this week’s ebay auction. Let’s now get a quick peek at them. Enjoy your visit and see you again soon!   🙂

(Click on ornament title will bring you to each of their ebay auction. Links only work after all auctions are active after 3 August 2019, 6pm PDT.)

Just Nan COUNT LESCARROT   Nelwy Release! RARE!

Just Nan Boo!   Newly Release!

The Sweetheart Tree Ghosts N Spider Heart   Newly Release!



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