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Where Is Singapore? No Shipping Delay?

Hello Friends,

I recently received some questions in ebay regarding my country’s location due to the recent Hong Kong protest and delay in shipping of packages out of the country, Hong Kong.

Therefore, I decided to write a short introduction here to clarify that Singapore (the location where I ship out all my packages from) is not in Hong Kong nor China. So many asked, “Where Is Singapore?” Okay In short, Singapore officially known as Republic of Singapore is an independence country in Southeast Asia. The estimated distance between Singapore and Hong Kong is 2,581 kilometers away. To travel by air, the air distance is about 1,604 Miles away.

By looking at the map below, you will notice that the distance between Singapore and Hong Kong is far away.

Therefore, this somehow also answered to some of your questions regarding Seow Stitchery’s  shipping location. We ship our packages from Singapore to anywhere in the world. Not from Hong Kong. Therefore, Shipping is not affected by the recent Hong Kong protest since Singapore is far away from Hong Kong. Also, Hong Kong is considered a special administrative region that is part of China. Whereby Singapore is an independence country and does not belong to any part of another country.

So, Will the recent Hong Kong delay in Shipment affect Singapore? There is only one answer to this question, “NO!”  -Since Singapore is far away located from Hong Kong and China, our shipping time will not be affected by the recent Hong Kong protest. Since, We only ship our items out from Singapore. 

I would like to thank some of you sending me messages asking me about shipping time from Singapore due to the recent Hong Kong delay in shipment.

I hope this short introduction clarify some of your doubts regarding my country’s location and the shipping location.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

-Warmest Regards, TAN.   26 August 2019


3 Newly Handmade Halloween Ornaments in ebay 3 August!

Hi everyone! August will be here soon. And It’s the time to list Fall and Winter theme ornaments again. In this saturday’s ebay auction, I will be listing three newly handmade halloween theme ornaments. One of them is a Rare Hard To Find ornament design from Just Nan Count Lescarrot. This is the first time I have finished and completed this little cute ornament for halloween. Also, there will be two newly release halloween ornaments in this week’s ebay auction. Let’s now get a quick peek at them. Enjoy your visit and see you again soon!   🙂

(Click on ornament title will bring you to each of their ebay auction. Links only work after all auctions are active after 3 August 2019, 6pm PDT.)

Just Nan COUNT LESCARROT   Nelwy Release! RARE!

Just Nan Boo!   Newly Release!

The Sweetheart Tree Ghosts N Spider Heart   Newly Release!