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3 Newly Handmade Easter Ornaments in ebay 2 March 2019

Hello Friends, there will be 3 newly handmade easter ornaments in ebay this saturday. For any unsold ornaments in the previous week, I will get them relisted again in the next following week. Do Check out my ebay auctions weekly for the ornaments. Let’s take a quick peep at this week’s darlings.

See you soon next week!   🙂

(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Kindly note that links only work after all auctions are active after 02 Mar 2019 ,6pm PST.)

JUST NAN March Hare (NEW Release!)

Vermillion Stitchery April Bunny (NEW!)

Lizzie Kate PEEP (NEW Release!)

5 New Easter Spring Ornaments in ebay 23 Feb!

Hello Friends, in this coming saturday’s ebay auctions, I will be listing five new handmade Easter Spring theme ornaments. I am always trying to create something different from others. So guess what? I handmade some cute little bunny pins this year. In this coming saturday’s ebay auction, you will get to see three of them in my newly handmade ornaments. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and take a first peep at these cute darlings.

Enjoy your visit! Do Check Back every week’s updates! See you soon!

(Click on ornament title Link will bring you to each of their auction page. Links may only work after auction is active at staurday 6pm PST.)

Just Nan Spring Spell & Peter Cottontail 2-Sided Ornament

Shepherd’s Bush EGGS

The Sweetheart Tree Bunny Business

Lizzie Kate Easter Basket

Bunny With An Egg 

5 St. Patricks Ornaments In ebay 9 Feb 2019

Hello Friends,  A Warm Welcome back to my blog again! This saturday 9 feb , I will be listing five newly handmade St. Patricks ornaments in ebay. These will probably be the only five St. Patricks ornaments I made in 2019.  Do Check them out in ebay this saturday onwards! Enjoy your visit!   🙂

~ little spring theme cuties is also coming soon….  do check back our blog for the latest updates! ~

(Click on ornament title link to bring you to each of it’s ebay auction page. Links only work after all auctions is active after 9 Feb 2019 6pm.)

Shepherd’s Bush Irish Heart

Lizzie Kate A little Luck

Shepherd’s Bush MARCH

San-Man Originals Luck Flower

Lizzie Kate Happy St. patricks (Special Price $16.99!)