6 Christmas Ornaments In ebay 24 Nov 2018!

In this saturday’s ebay auction, I will be listing some new release christmas ornaments and some released ornaments on Sale price. Therefore do not miss out. This saturday’s ebay auction will probably be our last batch of christmas ornaments available for sale. Our winter theme ornaments will be out soon. So Do check out our latest updates here soon! Let’s now take a look at this week’s auctions. Enjoy your visit!   🙂

(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after all auctions are active after 6pm PDT.)

Little Stitches Emery Ornament (*RL SALE! fr $24)

Just Nan Christmas Cranberry Ornament  (New Release!)

Just Nan Santas LOT Of 2 Ornaments  (New Release!)

TIAG Christmas Pink Angel (New Release! fr $15)

Stitched On 12ct Aida

TIAG Christmas Peace Blue Angel (New Release! fr $15)

Stitched on 12ct Aida

The Victoria Sampler (*RL SALE! $15)



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