5 Newly Made Christmas Ornaments available in ebay 10 November 2018

Hi, this week I will be listing five newly handmade Christmas jingle ornaments in ebay. These are my newly handmade christmas ornaments for the year 2018. I tried to create new designs every year. This year, I tried something new by topping a middle size jingle bell at bottom for each of my ornaments. (Oops..hopefully no one else make the similar christmas ornaments designs like mine. It’s always hard to create something different from others. But no matter what I try to create, as soon as my new release ornaments are available in ebay, there will soon be others making the same similar ornaments like mine in ebay. sigh.. ) Anyway, I will still try my very best to make my ornaments different from others. So that every year you will get to see new ones coming.  🙂   Okay, so let’s get started and take a look at the new jingle ornaments this week. Enjoy your visit! See you again next week!

(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction. Links only work after auction are active on 10 November 2018, 6pm PDT.)

Just Nan Candy Cane Snowflake (New Release!)

Center stitched with a Mill Hill Crystal Treasure Snowflake!

Dimensions Roly-Poly Santa (New Release!)

Just Nan Little Nutcracker (New Release!)

The Sweetheart Tree Christmas Joy Bellpull (New Release!)

Just Nan Miss Gingerbread Mouse (curl tail version)  (New Release!)

This will be the very last Just Nan Mouse I made in 2018! Grab her today!

Also comes with a detachable hanger.




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