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4 Newly Handmade Ornaments In ebay 30 June 2018

This saturday 30 June 2018 , there will be 4 handmade ornaments in ebay. Three of them are constructed ornaments. Now let’s take a look at these cute darlings. Enjoy these pictures. Do check them out in ebay this saturday onwards for these ornaments!

(Click on ornament title link to view the ebay auctions. Links only work after 30 June 2018, 6pm PDT.)

The Sweetheart Tree Silken Roses 2-sided ornament

The Sweetheart Tree Tranquil Moments 2-sided ornament

Little Stitches Rosebuds Emery

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4 newly constructed Ornaments in ebay 10 June 2018!

Hello everyone! Here’s our 10 June listing in ebay. There will be 4 newly constructed ornaments this week. Do check them out in ebay on this coming sunday 10 June 2018 , auction starts after at 6pm. Happy ebaying and Happy Summer!   🙂

(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of it’s ebay auction page. Links only work after all auctions are active after 10 June 2018, 6pm PDT)

The Sweetheart Tree Americn Star two-sided Ornament

Little Stitches Pratriotic Emery ornament

Prairie Schooler American Emery Ornament

Just Nan OOAK Nosegay Biscornu Ornament