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4 Spring Ornaments in ebay 24 Feb 2018

This saturday 24 Feb 2018 around 6pm PDT, there will be four newly handmade spring theme ornaments available for sale in ebay. As I have promised, there will be some cute spring darlings available in this week’s ebay auction. Yes! and here they are, first ever in my handmade ornaments…lovely cute just nan easter bunnies! Also remember to check out the two other cute spring ornaments from Val’s Stuff & Lizzie Kate designs. (enjoy the pictures & See You Next week!)    🙂

(click on ornament title link to visit each of it’s ebay auction page. Links only work after auction has started after 24 Feb 2018, 6pm PDT.)

Just Nan Honey Bunny

Just Nan Strawberry Bunny

Val’s Stuff Kitty Bunny Spring

Lizzie Kate Happy Easter Hoppers



4 Easter Ornaments in ebay 17 February 2018

Hello eveyone!

It’s February so it’s the time to list some spring theme ornaments in ebay. This saturday 17 February 2018 around 6pm PDT, I will be listing 4 newly handmade easter ornaments in ebay. Two of them are berry ornaments. Let’s now take a quick peek at them. Do also remember to check out my newly handmade spring ornaments *next week. (*there will be more cute darlings coming soon.) See you soon!

(Click on ornament title will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after all auctions are active.)

Just Nan Easter Chicks Berry Ornament


Just Nan Easter Bunnies Berry Ornament


Lizzie Kate A Little Easter



Cricket Collection Ms Easter Rabbit



Both sides hand stitched. Tail stitched with white pompom.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Seow Stitchery Wish All A Happy Valentine’s Day!

We will be bringing you lots of our newly handmade spring ornaments very soon.

Do Check back here in the next few days. See Ya!   🙂