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5 Christmas Ornaments in ebay 18 November 2017

I will be listing 5 newly handmade ornaments in ebay this saturday 18 November 2017. Out of the 5 ornaments, 4 of them are constructed ornaments. In my last ebay auction, some of you requested me to make another OOAK Just Nan Merry Fifteen christmas gift ornament. So This week, I made two OOAK Merry Fifteen christmas gift ornaments from Just Nan design. I also made another OOAK Making Friends Winter gift ornament also from Just Nan design. On the other hand, I also made another Just Nan Christmas Hat ornament but this time I have include a hanger so the ornament can be hang up or placed on a flat surface as a small christmas tree. Also, I made another ornament from The victoria sampler. So let’s now take a quick peek at these darlings. Enjoy! –   🙂


Handmade Constructed Ornaments from Just Nan Designs.

(Click on ornament title link to view the ebay auction. Links only work after auction are active after 18 November 7pm PDT.)

Just Nan Merry Fifteen Christmas Gift B (Angel & Snowman) OOAK



Just Nan Merry Fifteen Christmas Gift A (Santa & Gingerbread) OOAK



Just Nan Making Friends Snowman Winter Gift  OOAK 


Just Nan Christmas Hat cross stitch ornament (with hanger)


The Victoria Sampler JOY christmas


4 Just Nan Christmas Constructed Ornaments in ebay 4 November 2017

Hello November!

This saturday, I will be listing four handmade christmas ornaments in ebay. This week I have made four very special ornaments from Just Nan designs. All of them are constructed ornaments. One of them is a OOAK ornament I handmade from Just Nan Merry Fifteen design. Since constructed ornaments are harder to made, it took me a longer time to completed them. But all is worth the effort.

Here they are:     (-:  my newly handmade four cute little darlings, enjoy!

(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction. Link only work after all auctions are active after 7pm PDT.)

Just Nan Gingerbread Stocking



(Scissor not included. )

Just Nan Snow Mitten



(Scissor not included.)

Just Nan Emma & Eliza Christmas Hat


Just Nan Merry Fifteen Christmas Gift (OOAK)