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Clearance Sale On Ebay 30 September!

Check Out Our Clearance Sale this saturday, 30 September 6pm PDT.

We have a total of 5 ornaments for you to choose from. All at a discounted price. Only This week in ebay!

(Click on the ‘CLEARANCE SALE’ link will bring you to one of the ebay auction.Kindly click on ‘Seller Other items’ in ebay auction page to view our other ornaments on clearance sale.)


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Last Batch!4 New Handmade Ornaments In ebay 23 September!

Hello Everyone!

This week I will be listing my last batch of halloween ornaments that I handmade in 2017. After this batch of ornaments , there will be no more halloween ornaments available for sale in ebay. Due to hurricane in some parts of United States, shipping may be delayed. Therefore, I will start the autumn and christmas ornaments earlier this year. Also I may make lesser ornaments than last year due to the bad weather condition this year which has caused alot of inconvenience to the delivery and shipping service to some areas of United States. I will also be holding a Clearance Sale on some ornaments in ebay very soon. Therefore, do check back here soon for the latest updates if you are interested. In the meantime, check out this week’s ebay auctions! I have made a cute witch hat ornament from the Just Nan designs this year. Check it out below.

Have a wonderful week and may God Bless everyone safe and peaceful!Take Care!


(Click on ornament title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Link only work after saturday, 6pm PDT.)


Just Nan Hagatha's Hat. Work in progress.

Just Nan Hagatha’s Hat. Work in progress.

Just Nan Hagatha’s Hat







Just Nan Skeleton Window



Halloween Night



Blue Ribbon Designs Afraid Of Dark



3 Relist Halloween Ornaments In ebay

This week I will only be relisting 3 unsold halloween ornaments in ebay. If you missed out our last week’s ebay auction, you can check them out this week in ebay. I will be back listing new design halloween ornaments very soon in ebay. Do check out here in my blog for the latest updates on my new handmade ornaments. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful week!   🙂

(click on ornament picture link will bring you to each of it’s ebay auction page.)1