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Sale! Last 2 Spring Ornaments!

We are left with our very last two spring ornaments for 2017. So I will be getting them listed in ebay at a sale price later today. Do check them out if you are interested. After this week, there will be no more spring ornaments for 2017 and we will be moving on to the next theme.

Just drop here weekly for the latest updates on my new release handmade ornaments. See Ya.     🙂

(Click on picture/title link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Please note that links will only work after auction has started and is active in ebay after 5pm on sunday, 26 March 2017 PDT.)

LAST 2 Spring Ornaments! SALE! 

~Check them out in my ebay auctions today!~

Lizzie Kate Happy Hoppers $19.90!

Shepherd’s Bush Spring Garden $20.50!


4 Spring Ornaments In ebay 18 March!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I will be listing 4 spring ornaments in ebay this saturday 18 March. 3 of them are newly handmade spring ornaments and 1 from the previous unsold relist ornament.

Enjoy the pictures and Thank you so much for visiting my blog for this week’s updates!

(Click on ornament title/picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after 6pm PDT. 18 March 2017.)

Just Nan Spring Running Rabbits

Shepherd’s Bush Spring Garden

Lanarte Spring

Lizzie Kate Happy Hoppers (*RL)  Special Price:$21.50!


Our next ebay auction will be on 18 March 2017!

Our next ebay auctions day will be on 18th March 2017.

~Just a little note: This saturday, I will not be listing any ornaments in ebay.

We will be right back in ebay on next following week’s saturday 18 March. There will be four or five newly handmade spring ornaments available for sale in our next listing. So if you are interested to take a look at my newly release handmade ornaments in ebay, do check back on 18th March. Also, I will update the pictures of the newly release handmade ornament here in my blog once they are completed. Do also check back here in my blog soon. In the meantime, enjoy your visit here. Have a wonderful week!    🙂    –TAN.

Last 3 Easter Ornaments on 4 March 2017!

This saturday 4 March 2017, it will be my last listing for easter ornaments in my ebay auctions. This will be the very last batch of easter ornaments that I handmade for this year’s easter. There will be only 3 ornaments. One ornament is from Shepherd’s Bush design Happy Easter that some of you requested me to make again. So there are two designs from Shepherd’s Bush and another one from Lizze Kate (*relisted). Last week, I was thinking of stitching some cute spring design for this week but it looks like I may have to get it completed by next week onwards (since some of you requested me to redo some designs and get them listed this week). So if you are interested to see what are the new release spring ornaments, kindly check back here in my blog from next week onwards. In the meantime, enjoy your visit and see you again very soon.

*Remarks: Thanks to some of your letting me know there is a third ornament “missing” for our this week’s ebay auction. I have get it listed manually. So there are 3 ornaments in my ebay auctions now. Do check them out!     🙂

(Click on picture/title link will bring you to each of their auction page. Links only work after auction is active after 6pm PDT.)

Shepherd’s Bush Happy Easter




Shepherd’s Bush Easter JOY




Lizzie Kate Happy Hoppers (*RL)