Last Batch Of Valentine Ornament in ebay 12th January!

As you can read from the title, this will be our last ebay listing for Valentine’s day theme. Some of you requested me to make another ornament from The Sweetheart Tree design -Cupid Love Sampler. So here she is. But this time, I did a little color changes in the ribbon rose pin and the twisted cording were in pink glitter and white silver glitter color instead. It is similar to the previous one (Oh..the previous one is just on the header image of my blog, can you see the difference?), not 100% the same. Interesting right? Also backing cotton fabric is changed to match this ornament. This round, to be fair to the previous winner of cupid love sampler ornament, I have set the starting bid higher. If you are interested, just take a look at it. The next two ornaments are relist items unsold from the previous week.

~Just a little more to share with my readers here today. In my last posting, I mentioned shipment from mid december last year are mostly delayed. And YES! The delay was terrible! I had a bad time dealing with my local post office. Keep calling them up and visited my nearest post office twice in 5 days time. LOL. However staff are rather friendly there. They did help out by tracking the mails in their system. Great! Because USPS tracking system is always slow, and when you ship anytime during the long holidays in peak seasons like christmas and new year, you are always on the “waiting list”. Mails seems never move. Some stuck in shipping process and all you can do is to wait and wait for someone kind enough to pick it up and ship for you. Some unlucky ones, just fated to sit somewhere in the customs waiting to pass through. I always try to ship fast for my customers in ebay but I do not have control over the shipping process. And when a customer message you telling you item not receive after waiting for a month, the next moment I thought: “Oh NO!!something bad has happened to my package!!” —   :C Finally I received a good news from a customer on 10th January 2017. Thanks to Gwen (my ebay customer), letting me know item finally arrived in her doorstep, so finally  the ‘long waiting game’ was over. I hope my another customer will receive her packages soon just like Gwen did. Both were shipped out during the “very peak seasons”. – “learn something from this experience, always avoid shipping during the Christmas and New Year peak season.”(**last updates on 11th January, my another customer finally received her ornament. Now I am hoping the other three ornaments will arrive soon. Thanks to Shelley keeping me updated!)

My country’s Chinese New Year long holidays are getting nearer. It falls on second last week of January this year. Therefore, this week will be my last listing in ebay before the chinese new year long holidays. Unlike new year, Chinese New Year holidays will not affect the shipping duration. Because postal office is closed here during this time, I decided to give myself a little long break. It’s been some time since my last break listing in ebay. But during the long break, I will still be blogging here sometimes. Okay, enough of my long posting today. Been rather long-winded these days..perhaps getting too old? LOL. Lets get started and take a look at the ornaments.

(Kindly click on image/title link will bring you to each of their ebay auctions after 6pm, 12th January 2017)

5 Days Ebay Auctions

*Relisted Items at Discounted price. Check them out!

18 LHN Season Of Love  $20.35  now $19.75!

1 Just Nan Promises $23.80  now $23.00!


*Special Newly Released Ornament! (as requested) Our last valentine ornament in 2017.

The Sweetheart Tree Cupid Love Sampler  (in pink)





Enjoy. See you again soon! Have a nice week everyone!    🙂





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