4 Valentine Ornament in ebay 7th January 2017

Hello !

It’s our 2017 first ebay auction for this week. The auctions will be on 7th January 2017, Saturday around 6pm PDT. Some of you who won and purchased some ornaments from me, message me telling me you have not receive some of your package that you paid on last year mid December. And Yes! Most of the packages sent out by Registered Airmail shipped out from the second week of December 2016 onwards are mostly delayed due to Christmas holidays and New Year. I wrote to my local Post Office and checked with them. They mentioned most packages sent during this period must be prepare that they will be delay. Now since the long holidays are over, everything has been back to normal. In case you have already receive the delayed package, I will like to thank you for waiting.  And for some of you who are still waiting for the package to arrive, please be patient since it is common for package to delay during this period of time. I am so sorry to keep you waiting and I appreciate your kindness understanding that shipping time is beyond my control. In most cases, if you still have not receive your package after 30 working days of the shipment date, please kindly contact me in ebay. I will check it out for you. Thank you.

Okay now back to my ebay listing for this saturday. There will be four valentine ornaments. All of them are newly handmade. Let’s now take a quick look at these darlings. (Oopps…they may be the last batch of valentine ornaments?)

Enjoy the photos! Have a happy second week in the year 2017!   🙂

(Kindly click on image/title link will bring you to each of their ebay auctions after 6pm, 7th January 2017)

Stoney Creek Valentine Sampler (Larger size ornament)




Just Nan Lady In Red Heart




Shepherd’s Bush LOVE




The Sweetheart Tree Sweet Valentine





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