3 Winter Ornaments in ebay 3 December!

This week, there will be 3 newly handmade winter ornaments available in my ebay auctions. All these 3 designs came from Just Nan. I picked these 3 designs because I always miss out the chance stitching them and making them into ornaments. So this time, the chance is finally here. For the first time, they finally appear in my ebay auctions. Also, I received questions on redo a particular ornament that some of you were outbid from the previous ebay auction. However, I am very sorry that because my ornaments are all handmade and  hand stitched,  they only produced in limited amount. (Usually 1 design per ornament) Because since last year, I have become my local supplier’s stitcher,  I have to stitch larger cross stitching orders for my local customers. Therefore, I can no longer produced duplicate handmade ornaments in ebay. However, I still try my very best to produce nice ornaments for you to choose from (although they are always limited to 1 design each). Just simply check out my weekly updates here to avoid missing out any ornaments you are looking for.

~But for now, let’s first take a little quick peek at these three little darlings! Enjoy.    🙂

(Click on ornament title/picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after auctions have started after 6pm PDT.)

Just Nan Making Friends





Just Nan Winter (from 4 Seasons)





Just Nan Winter Ice




~Remember to check out next week’s ornaments here. I’ll be adding more newly handmade ornaments next week. See you soon.



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