Four Christmas Ornaments in ebay 15th October!

As I have mentioned in my last week’s post, there will be four newly handmade christmas ornaments this week. But these are new designs I stitched in 2016. I picked these four lovely designs from Just Nan, The Sweetheart Tree and Stoney Creek. (Also they are less seen in ebay too, probably… I am the first stitcher to stitch and make them into lovely ornaments.) I will always try to make different new designs and ornaments. But since this year onwards, I no longer accept customised orders online due to stitching large designs for my local needleworkshop, hence I am trying very hard to make something unique and special in my ebay auctions. It’s always not easy. But I’ll try.

Okay so let’s get going for this week’s ebay auction. Enjoy these pictures and be right back to check out my ebay auctions in next week. See ya.

(Click on ornament title/picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auctions. Links only work when auction are active after 6pm PDT.)

The Sweetheart Tree Merry Christmas Cardinal




Just Nan Gingham Christmas Sampler




The Sweetheart Tree Christmas Kitty




Stoney Creek Christmas Night





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