6 New Ornaments in ebay on 27th August 2016!

**Note: Last week, I sold 4 ornaments in ebay that ended with a same bidder. However, he turn out to be an unpaid buyer. Therefore, he has wasted my time and also preventing other protential buyers from getting/ winning the ornaments. I have reported him to ebay and I just noticed he has also bid and won several items from several sellers in ebay in the past two weeks without paying them. All the sellers have also reported him to ebay. Therefore, I will have to relist these 4 ornaments in ebay either in second chance offer format or *relisting the ornaments in ebay. If you happen to be the second highest bidder, you may have a second chance getting these ornaments from me. Look out for my ebay second chance offer in ebay that will be sent to you soon. Also because of this bad experience, I have to change my payment duration to 3 days time. Please kindly take note of this in my description in all of my future ebay auctions. I am so sorry for any inconvenience. – TAN.

In last week’s post, I mentioned I will try to make new designs down the following weeks. Yes I did. For this week,  I stitched these designs and make them into lovely ornaments. (most of them are my first attempt stitching them)  So here are these darlings. Enjoy!

(Click on ornament title/ picture link will bring you to their ebay auction page. Link only work when auctions have started after 5pm PDT on 27th August.)

Shepherd’s Bush Autumn Gives



Just Nan Be Scary



Just Nan Scary Night



Heart In Hand Halloween Fright Night



Cricket Collection Cackle-Corn

(*specially stitched on hand-dyed candy corn linen.)



(*RL) Val’s Stuff BOO!



Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. Remember to check back soon for next week’s ornaments! Enjoy your visit!     🙂


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