4 New Halloween Ornaments Plus 2 Relist Ornaments On 30th July!!

Hello July! It is getting nearer to the end of July. And YES! We are back listing in ebay from 30th July onwards. Starting this Saturday, I will be listing 4 newly handmade Halloween theme ornaments plus 2 relist ornaments from Just Nan design and AOY design. So making a total of 6 ornaments. I will be listing more newly handmade fall and winter theme down the weeks. So check them out here or in my weekly ebay auctions. So let’s get going..

(*Click on the picture link to visit the ebay auction page. Auction will start at 5pm PDT.)

Shepherd’s Bush Autumn Garden



Just Nan Halloween Witch



Barbara Ann BOO!



The Drawn Thread Holiday Halloween



Other Relist Ornaments

Just Nan Bee Hive Violets


AOY Girls Looking Out To Sea


(*All Ornaments are stitched on 28ct./32ct. linen)

See You Again Next Week! Have A Wonderful Week!    🙂



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