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4 New Ornaments in ebay 30 April 2016

(For this Saturday 30 April, I will be listing only 4 newly handmade ornaments. Although there will be only 4 of them but they are the ones with special design that I specially selected making them. I especially LOVE some of these beautiful designs from dimensions and All Our Yesterdays. So this week, there will be two from AOY, one from Dimensions and the last one from Shepherd’s Bush. Here are the ornaments that I stitched and handmade for this week’s auction.

Enjoy the pictures!  See you next week!    🙂

(*There will be also one Relisted ‘One Of A Kind Crystal Ornament’ for this week’s ebay auction. Please kindly refer to below for more details.)

(click on image link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work when auction is active after 5pm PDT on 30 April.)

Dimensions A Family Love



AOY Girls At Seaside



Shepherd’s Bush Summer Garden



AOY A Basketful Of Roses



Unsold /Relisted Ornament

Just Nan OOAK Crystal Ornament – Lady’s Secret Garden



OOAK11           OOAK2

As all of the ornaments are SOLD OUT for last week, there will only be one relisted ornament for this week’s auction. I welcome any best offer. If you are interested getting this pretty ornament, kindly send me your best offer for consideration. Many Thanks. (*To view more details and images on this ornament, kindly click on the picture link above to view the ebay auction. )

For next week, I may also be listing 4 newly handmade ornaments. Till I update again soon. Please don’t leave this blog for too long. Thank you so much for visiting my blog this week. Have a sweet and cheerful weekend! Oops.. I almost forgot.., Many Thanks to those of you for purchasing my new ornaments in last week’s auction. I hope you’ll enjoy these little darlings! ~ May You Also Enjoy The Pictures.   🙂


5 Ornaments In ebay 23 April 2016!

Hello and Welcome back to my new post today. I am so glad to be back here again posting in my blog. Since it’s been a rather a slow transaction rates in ebay after the easter holidays, I will be taking breaks in between during this “off peak season”.  Okay but for now, I’m back again! I will be listing 5 handmade ornaments in ebay this Saturday.  Most of these ornaments are newly made. Only 1 of them is a relisted item and it will be at a sale price!

So what are the themes? Well, they are ornaments for all year long, any season or anytime. There will be 4 of them. Also, most of them will also be starting at a discount price from the usual $20.99 Now $20.35!

So Check Out this Saturday’s ebay auctions on these newly release ornaments , 23 April 2016 after 5pm PDT.  But for now, let’s get started and take a quick peek at these little darlings. Enjoy!      🙂

(Click on the picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Links only work after April 23,  5pm PDT.)

Just Nan Garden Party



Shepherd’s Bush Bee Happy


Just Nan Rose Angel


Stoney Creek Love Greatly



Heart In Hand Mums Are Magic  (Last One Left! $19)


*For any unsold ornaments, I may relist them in the next following week auction. So if you miss out any, just check back again here or in ebay.  ~So I’ll see you next week! Bye.


One Week Break!

Spring break pup

See You Again On April 23, 2016!

(*For those who purchase our ornaments in ebay (auctions that ended on Sunday April 10, 2016), not to worry as we will still be shipping your items as usual.)