5 New ornaments in ebay 19th March !

Hello & Welcome back to my blog today!

I took a little one week break listing in ebay. So now, I’m back this week. Yes! Starting from this week, there will be newly handmade ornaments for sale in ebay. Mother’s day falls on early May. But since shipping usually takes about 2 weeks to reach most locations, it’s always best to get them listed now. (So that most of you can receive the ornaments before the dateline.) There are probably not more than 10 mother’s day ornaments this year. So starting this week, I will get them listed in ebay. (First 3 of them for this week.)  So here are the 3 Mother’s Day ornaments for the week.

(*Simply click on title/picture link to view ebay auction page. Links only work when auction has started after 4pm PT.)

Shepherd’s Bush A Mother’s Love



Happy Mom Mom Day



A Mother’s Love Is A Special Thing




Just Nan Seasonal Gems- Spring


So other than these four ornaments, I will also be listing my special OOAK egg shape ornament this week. This little egg ornament took me almost two weeks to complete making her. Because I run out some sequin pieces in the middle part of making her so I ordered them and waited a week to reach me in the mail. (OMG! my mistake again!) Okay but anyway, finally here is it!

finished completed Just Nan cross stitch ornament June Zimonick style!

One-Of-A-Kind crystal beaded ornament!

Loaded with white and ab pearls;  lt. blue, pink and white ab swarovski crystals; gold filigree flower; tiny round ab white sequins, gold metallic cordings, golden braid trim; ornament center is handstitched with pretty cross stitch design from Just Nan Lady Scarlet Secret Garden – stitched on antique white 28ct. cashel linen with petite mill hill seed beads and dmc floss.

-I name her “Lady’s Secret Garden”-







To view more close-up picture of this ornament, kindly visit it’s auction page. Thank You so much.

See you again next week!    🙂

2 thoughts on “5 New ornaments in ebay 19th March !

  1. Dear Tan,
    Long time no see, hope everything is ok with you 🙂

    I would like to ask about a preorder.

    It is about finishing already stitched pieces. I really love your finishing and I don’t think I can be even close the the quality you do.
    So I’d like to ask if you would finish a few ornaments. Here are the stitched things:

    If you agree, I will pay shipping costs to send you the ornaments and also the shipping cost for you to send them back, to Bulgaria, Europe. Also how much the finishing of each will cost.
    Finishing style would look like your recent ornaments, with crochet border, twisted cord, tassel and a ribbon. The style of A Mother’s Love Is A Special Thing and your other recent ornaments.

    Waiting for your reply


    • Hello Regina!

      I am great and I hope you are fine! Thank you so much for your compliments and interest to preorder from me. However, I rarely accept preorders these days for finishing projects. Also since last year, I also no longer accept customised orders online due to being also a stitcher for some of my local craft shops for large size projects. I can now only produce a few ornaments in ebay each week. The crochet part took most of the time making the ornaments. However, it’s worth the time making it. Thank you so much for dropping here. I hope you have enjoy yourself here. Take care my friend! Have a great time in etsy and ebay too!

      Warmest Regards, TAN.


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