4 New Ornaments In ebay on 27th February!

This Saturday, I will be listing 4 newly handmade ornaments in ebay. This will be the last ebay listings for the month of February. Three of them are from Spring theme. Two are special Crystal Tassel Ornaments. (finally.. I have tried creating a new design this week.)

Also, it’s been sometime I have not been making or creating new designs for my 3D OOAK crystal ornaments. And this week, I have made one. It will be a crystal egg shape ornament. Rather an interesting journey making her. I will update here in my blog once I get it listed in ebay.  -For now, let’s take a look at the 4 ornaments for the week first.

(Kindly click on ornament title/ picture link will bring you to each of their ebay listing page, auctions will start at around 4pm. Links only work when auctions are active.)

Special Crystal Tassel Ornaments

Just Nan Spring Peepers




A large pink ab teardrop Swarovski crystal is added to the bottom end of crystal tassel. Great sparkle effects!


Sides are secure with matching color Swarovski crystal pins with sequin pieces.


Just Nan My Fair Ladybug




A large teardrop pearl is added to the bottom base of crystal tassel. Match with the design colors.




Standard Ornaments

The Sweetheart Tree Springtime Violets



Lanarte Spring



So these are the four ornaments for the last listing for February 2016. Next week, I may be listing somemore spring theme ornaments. …. perhaps just a few last pieces. Check out my blog again next week. I hope I can give you little surprise every week.        🙂


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