5 Easter Ornaments In ebay January 23!

I will be listing 5 newly handmade easter ornaments this Saturday, January 23 in ebay.

Due to Chinese New Year holiday in my country, our local postal services will be unavailable from February 5 – February 14, 2016.

Therefore please kindly take note that for late payment made after February 4, I will only able to ship your item after February 15, 2016 onwards. To avoid late shipment, please kindly make your payment before February 4.

Thank you for your kind understanding!

(* I have also put up this notice in my blog, kindly refer to ‘Important notice’ on the header.)

Because of the Chinese New Year holiday, our next ebay listing will probably be on 6th of February 2016 instead. I will not be listing any ornaments next week. So, A little one week break next week! Also, very soon we may come to an end for the easter theme ornaments (maybe just a few more batches more to go).

Okay so here are the 5 ornaments for the week!

(Click on ornament title or picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page, most auction will be active around 4pm PT.)

Easter Ornaments

Shepherd’s Bush Eggs



Just Nan Daffodil Run



Lizzie Kate Hoppy Easter



The Victoria Sampler Kitty Bun Bun



Rabbit head and tail stitched with Rainbow Gallery W88 Wisper floss.

Rabbit head and tail stitched with Rainbow Gallery W88 Wisper floss.

Val’s Stuff Bunny Carrot & Eggs



So here are the 5 easter ornaments for the week. I will be having a one week break next week. So I will see you again in ebay the next following week on 6th February.

Some areas in United States is now having a heavy snow.  Take Care everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog today! See you again on the next following week!    🙂


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