More n More Embroidery scissors…?

Okay , I know I mentioned in my blog before, “I’m not into collecting embroidery scissors.” However, since it’s a brand new year, I’m going to treat myself with some new additions to my “embroidery scissors family”. (Well, how can a stitcher resist to purchase a pair of pretty scissors!) So.. I got myself 3 new pairs of embroidery scissors. Actually, I ordered and paid these scissors sometime just before Christmas 2015. But just managed to received them in the mail after new year.  So here are the 3 pairs that I would like to share with you today.


The first pair is from DMC and the next two is from the famous brand Gingher.



As you can see from the picture above, the workmanship for the design series DMC embroidery scissor is just average. I have actually tried using these three pairs of scissors for my cross stitching work, but I must agree that Gingher brand is still the best embroidery scissor I have used before. This DMC scissor is also very sharp! But the overall workmanship is not as good as Gingher brand. There are a total of four in this design series DMC embroidery scissor. I only purchased one of them (floral design as above). I don’t see other countries except EU and UK region sell this series of scissors. Therefore, I do think if you are interested to get one, you may need to purchase one from either EU or UK online shops. I purchased this pair from a UK seller. She provided worldwide shipping service.  For the price of 9.00£ Overall, I will give 4 stars over 5 for this DMC scissors.


Okay, back to Gingher brand. I had a smiliar stork scissor many years ago. It was old and I can’t even remember how and when I lost the scissor. So I decided to get another new pair this year. And here is the new pair of stork scissor from Gingher. There are hundreds of imitation stork scissors made similar to Gingher stork embroidery scissor. I have never purchase any of them so I do not know whether their workmanship is as good as the Gingher ones. For Gingher, they made great scissors. Yes! They are very very sharp. Good to hold them in your hands or fingers. For the stork scissor, if you have thick fingers, I would recommend you to choose another type of scissor. But I am fine with it. Next, is another pair of pretty limited edition designer series “Julia” embroidery scissor from Gingher. There are many names in the designer series. I don’t think I will be able to collect them all or I may end up seeing an empty digit in my bank account. lol.. As you know Gingher brand embroidery scissors are not cheap! For the designer series, it’s even more expensive. So, I am more happy to have only one from the designer series. To compare both, I will say I love using Julia more than others. Not because she is the most expensive one I have, but she is made of excellent workmanship. She is smooth in cutting at tips and very comfortable in the finger holes too. She is the largest size in my embroidery scissor collection. (4 inches long) However, if you are doing embroidery, she may have a thicker blade compared to stork. So pick the ones you preferred most. I am only using these scissors for my cross stitching work.

Because of my new additions, I have also found a lovely scissor holder for my scissor family.


So 5 of them goes nicely into this holder. I hope I don’t end up having another few more holders. lol. (I may purchase some embroidery scissor from Dovo, Klasse, Bohin and Sajou brand etc. Oops.. I have to stop myself from getting somemore.)

Anyway, thank you so much for visiting my blog today. Have a nice day. See you again soon!  🙂



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