5 New St. Patricks Ornament In Ebay – January 2

A very happy new year to everyone here. Yes, 2016 is here. May this year be a creative and joyful year for everyone! I also wish that it will be a very peaceful year in 2016. While I was enjoying my new year holiday, I have also completed making my 5 St. Patricks ornament. I will listing all of my handmade St. Patricks ornaments in two weeks. First batch will be on Saturday 2nd January 2016 and the next batch will be on next Saturday. (about only 7 of them) Because this year’s easter is in end of March instead of April, my first batch of easter ornaments will probably be listed next week onwards. So I will move forward making the spring theme ornaments.

Okay so here are the first 5 St. Patricks ornaments:

(Click on the ornament title or picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Most auctions will start at around 4pm PT.)

Shepherd’s Bush March



The Sweetheart Tree Shamrock Heart



Lizzie Kate A Little Luck



Shepherd’s Bush Lucky Sheep



Bent Creek Clover Of Clovers



Thank you for visiting my blog today. Do check out next week! See ya.   🙂


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