4 New Ornaments on Sunday, December 20!


Merry  Merry  Christmas  To  Everyone !!

In just not more than 5 days time, it will be 2015 Christmas. I’m so excited! I think everyone will be very busy during this special time of the year. I will be celebrating this special day with my family and friends.  I hope everyone will enjoy yourself during this special time of the year too. Next, we will all be saying goodbye to year 2015. Wow!! Time flies! sometimes I can’t even believe that 2015 is going to end.  😮  Anyway, it is still a very happy thing to Welcome 2016. Can’t wait to count down.

Although it is the most peak season of the year, I have managed to handmade and produced four “little darling” this week. And they will be listed on Sunday, December 20. (tomorrow) So, let’s now take a quick peek at these little darling ornaments.

(Click on the ornament title or picture link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Most auctions will start at around 4pm PT.)

Snow Ornament

Shepherd’s bush Snow Fall



Valentine Ornament

Shepherd’s Bush Be True



The Victoria Sampler Love Cupid Heart



Just Nan Heartfelt Love



Enjoy yourself during this Christmas! Thank you so much for visiting my blog today!  🙂


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