5 Ornaments in ebay 12th December!

Hello Friday! It’s time to take a look at these 5 newly handmade ornaments that will be listing in ebay this week. My newly handmade valentine’s day ornament is here. Also, there will be 1 winter theme ornament too (last few maybe..). Here they are:

(Click on the tile or photo link will bring you to each of their ebay auction page. Auctions will start 12/12/2015 around 4pm PT.)

Snow/ Winter Ornament

Shepherd’s Bush SNOW




Valentine Ornament

Shepherd’s Bush LOVE




Just Nan Be My Valentine



The Sweetheart Tree Cupid’s Touch Heart



Love Birds Heart




The Needles

Okay… so what about the needles that I am going to talk about? Needles are just needles, the thread goes through a hole in the needle and then we start sewing or stitching. Simple.

But not as simple as what we think they are. For cross stitching, there are different brands and sizes in tapestry needles. I’m not going into details for which type of fabric to which sizes of needles to use. But rather, I’ll like to talk about the different brands of tapestry needles available in most craftshops. Today, I’m going to talk about two famous brands. DMC and Bohin. Why? Because I only have tried stitching with these two brands of needles. I’m referring to size 28, the smallest size in tapestry. I love size 28 because I usually stitch on 28ct or 32ct linen. They goes through the linen easily. Smooth stitching!

However, recently I notice a little difference between two brands. DMC seems to be a little thicker needle than Bohin. The holes also seems to be a little larger. Though both are of the same size 28. Not sure if every DMC needles produce the same size for each needle. But I find Bohin produced the most super fine and thin needles I’ve stitched before. Below is a photo I’ve taken to show you the two brands that I use a lot. (though most of the time I prefer using Bohin.) WP

As you can see a pack of bohin includes 6 pieces of needles while DMC only has 5 in each pack. Both are size 28. But can you see the difference in the actual size of each brand of needle?? DMC is thicker. For DMC, the needles are made in India, though a France company. For Bohin, made in France. Also the other type of needle I used most is Mill Hill applique beading needles. Please note that there are two types of beading needles for mill hill brand. One is applique the other is just normal beading needles. I do not use the normal types so I do not have a picture to show you. But the normal types are much longer than the applique type. (which I find it being too long and not comfortable to use for my cross stitch piece.) These shorter applique beading needles are much more easier to use with my bead work. However, not every single mill hill bead can go through these applique needles. I’ve found some petite seed beads unable to go through easily. I have to use some of my extra thin needles that are mostly use for sewing needs.

Above are my own personal experience dealing with these needles. Thanks for reading my post today!

Have a wonderful time here!  🙂


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