Saturday & Sunday -Clearance SALE Week!

Seow Stitchery will be having a Clearance Sale in ebay.

Only available this week, ebay auctions will be starting on Saturday 21st November and on Sunday 22nd November.

(*All auctions will start and end at around 4pm PDT on Saturday and on Sunday.)

I am left with not more than 6 newly handmade Christmas ornaments. So I am selling them at a much lower starting bid price. If you are thinking of getting some more Christmas ornaments, don’t miss out this last chance to get them.

Clearance Sale In Ebay!

ON Saturday 21/11/2015 (auction start and end at round 4pm PDT.)

*Click on picture below will bring you to each of their ebay auction page.


Lizzie Kate Share The Season     $19.99    Now:  $17.90 only!!

Shepherd's Bush Joyful Night

Shepherd’s Bush Joyful Night      $19.99    Now: $17.90 only!!


The Sweetheart Tree Noel

The Sweetheart Tree Noel    $20.80    Now:  $19.59 only!!     


On Sunday 22/11/2015 (auction start and end at around 4pm PDT.

JUST NAN Christmas Keepsake

JUST NAN Christmas Keepsake (Large Size Ornament)                                  $29.99    Now : $22.99 only!!

JUST NAN Holiday In Ice $19.99 Now: $18.50 !

JUST NAN Holiday In Ice           $19.99         Now: $18.50 !

Shepherd's Bush Jingle

Shepherd’s Bush Jingle (new item)       $19.90 only!!


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