5 New Ornaments 19th September!

If you have not yet started your shopping on Halloween ornaments. This will be the last second batch of newly made Halloween ornaments that you can get from me. I am making last two new ornaments from Halloween series. They will be available in my next week’s ebay auction. They will be the last batch for 2015. So check them out  weekly in my ebay auctions if you are still thinking of getting one from me. 

~Three more months to Chirstmas and New Year. Time flies. 2016 is getting nearer. Ebay is celebrating their 20th anniversary now. I’ve been an Ebay seller for 15th years. Love Ebay! But I do wish they can get better, especially dealing with their website technical issues. 

~”HAPPY 20th Anniversary Ebay!” ~ 

Before I move on showing you the 5 new ornaments, let’s take a look at the WIPs of some of these ornaments.



(*do take note that right-hand side design “Jingle” from Just Nan design is Sold Out. Photos taken when both designs are completed on same day.)

*To view the details of description of these ornaments, please kindly visit their ebay listing page. Kindly click on the link on each ornament’s title to view each of their description.                              

(*Note: links will only work when ebay auction are active and running.)

Halloween Handmade Ornaments



Just Nan Netty Nightshade



Lizzie Kate A Little Boo



The Sweetheart Tree Halloween

Christmas Handmade Ornaments



Just Nan Teddy’s Wreath



Freshthread Studio Christmas Reindeer

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