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5 New Ornaments In Ebay 26th September!!

Last Chance To Get Your Halloween Ornaments!!

Last week was a pretty awesome stitching week for me. As I have decided to stop making Halloween ornaments, I am left with little extra time. So I have choosen two very rare retired designs to cross stitch. They are from Just Nan Fairy Roses and Passione Ricamo. Talking about Fairy Roses. I really love this design. I want to make her into a pretty ornament. Yes, something special too. But because it is a retired design, it will be impossible to purchase the painted fairy charm. Without the fairy charm, you can’t complete the design. So I search for this fairy charm and finally manage to get a very similar one. My next problem is to add in colors. I managed to picked some colors from art shops (color paints specially for metal or silver.) My next step is to hand-paint the fairy which I find most painful to work with. The charm alone was small measuring not more than 22mm. So the fairy’s face was so tiny. I have to paint her face using an extra fine art brush.


And… here is the final result.  I air dry the hand painted fairy charm for 24 hours before stitching it onto my cross stitch design. Design was stitched on cashel linen. ~ This photo was taken when the design was half completed.


~Completed! This design has so many flowers and leaves, the floss colors are all in different tones. I have to keep on changing different dmc color floss to stitch. A Little troublesome…. but it was “Gorgeous” when completed. Picture do not tell justice.

Other than stitching this rare design, I have also stitch other designs. This is one of them.


I have miss out  the chance to stitch this Passione Ricamo Little Christmas Angel last year. So this year, I started her early. She was stitched on a hand-dyed misty sky opalescent glittering Lugana. I wanted to stitch her on a special color linen. I picked a gold metallic floss to stitch in the borders.  ~photo taken when it was completed.

Okay, so let’s take a look at the completed handmade ornaments.

*If you would like to purchase any of these ornaments below, kindly click on each ornament photo Or title and it will bring you to their ebay auction page. (*note: links will only work when ebay auction are active.)

Specially Handmade Ornaments

JUST NAN – Fairy Roses   (Rare Ornament!!)





Can you see the 3mm light rose and dark rose sparkling Swarovski Crystals??


Stitched on antique white 28ct. Cashel Linen. Lots of AB white, pink, dark rose faux pearls and mill hill gold seed beads are hand-stitched on top of crochet lace around the ornament. Tassel are also handmade with a total of 25 pieces of 3mm Swarovski crystal and lots of faux pearls. 

Passione Ricamo – Little Christmas Angel  (Rare Ornament!!)





Stitched on hand-dyed misty sky opalescent glittering 28ct. Lugana. Lots of AB white, pink, dark rose faux pearls and mill hill gold bungle beads are hand-stitched on top of crochet lace around the ornament. Tassel are handmade with a total  of 6 pieces of 3mm Swarovski crystal, mill hill gold seed beads and lots of faux pearls.


Halloween Handmade Ornaments



JUST NAN – Be Scary     (Stitched on autumn field 28ct. Cashel Linen.



JUST NAN – Trick Or Trick  (From Batty Hatty & Boo design) 

(Stitched on antique white 28ct. Cashel Linen)



Shepherd’s Bush – Halloween ABC   (Stitched on avocado 28ct. jobelan.)

Enjoy these pictures. Happy ebaying & Have a nice day!  🙂




5 New Ornaments 19th September!

If you have not yet started your shopping on Halloween ornaments. This will be the last second batch of newly made Halloween ornaments that you can get from me. I am making last two new ornaments from Halloween series. They will be available in my next week’s ebay auction. They will be the last batch for 2015. So check them out  weekly in my ebay auctions if you are still thinking of getting one from me. 

~Three more months to Chirstmas and New Year. Time flies. 2016 is getting nearer. Ebay is celebrating their 20th anniversary now. I’ve been an Ebay seller for 15th years. Love Ebay! But I do wish they can get better, especially dealing with their website technical issues. 

~”HAPPY 20th Anniversary Ebay!” ~ 

Before I move on showing you the 5 new ornaments, let’s take a look at the WIPs of some of these ornaments.



(*do take note that right-hand side design “Jingle” from Just Nan design is Sold Out. Photos taken when both designs are completed on same day.)

*To view the details of description of these ornaments, please kindly visit their ebay listing page. Kindly click on the link on each ornament’s title to view each of their description.                              

(*Note: links will only work when ebay auction are active and running.)

Halloween Handmade Ornaments



Just Nan Netty Nightshade



Lizzie Kate A Little Boo



The Sweetheart Tree Halloween

Christmas Handmade Ornaments



Just Nan Teddy’s Wreath



Freshthread Studio Christmas Reindeer

Thank you for visiting my blog. Enjoy your stay!

Ebay 5 New Ornaments 12th September!

Moving towards mid of September 2015,  I will be trying to list more other seasonal themes, fall themes, thanksgiving and Christmas ornaments down the weeks. Some of you have been asking me if I will be stitching and redo another same ornaments that you have miss out in ebay earlier on. Well, sometimes I do make similar ones but not exactly the same one. Meaning color of linen/ fabric, cotton yarn lace colors etc. may be change. Since starting of 2015 , I have decided to make one limited ornament for one design. I do think that it is important to keep my handmade ornaments in a very limited edition and it is this reason that made handmade items special in the first place. Since they are special, they should be only available in one limited stock.  

Okay, so let’s get moving and take a look at the 5 ornaments this week.

*If you wish to purchase my handmade ornaments below, please kindly click on the ornament title that links to each of my ebay listings page.

Halloween Ornaments



Just Nan – Bones Begin To Dance (from Spider Moon)

(Spider moon is a Halloween sampler from Just Nan designs. This is one part of Spider Moon. Sides are crochet knitted with yellow orange and white cotton crohet lace.)



Just Nan – Frightful (part 4)   (Stitched on linen. Sides are crochet knitted with black, orange and yellow orange cotton crochet lace.)



Lizzie Kate – Gone Haunting   (Stitched on linen. Sides are crochet knitted with black and dark mocha glittering cotton crochet lace.)

Christmas Ornaments




JUST NAN – Lady Scarlet’s Christmas

Stitched on jobelan with dmc floss , gold metallic floss & lots of mill hill seed beads. Sides crochet knit with Christmas colors cotton crochet yarn. Front top with a special Christmas grosgrain ribbon & back top with Merry Christmas grosgrain ribbon. Made with quality materials only! This will make a eye-catching Christmas ornament!




JUST NAN – Jingle

Stitched on linen with dmc floss, lots of mill hill seed beads and a snowflake charm top in the center of the ornament. Sides crochet knit with chirtsmas cotton crochet yarn. Front top with a special Christmas “Navidad” grosgrain ribbon & back top with Merry Christmas grosgrain ribbon. Made with quality materials only! This will make a eye-catching Christmas ornament!

New handmade ornaments will be updated each week in ebay. Thank you so much for visiting here. Thank you for your support and love to my handmade ornaments! Have a wonderful week!  –TAN.


5 Ornaments In ebay on 5th September!

Took a little small break for 1 week and now I’m back listing my handmade ornaments in ebay and …hopefully I won’t become another victim of the glitch in eBay’s mobile app again. (lol.. I hope this  little nasty “faulty technical bug” is gone forever.)

Okay, so let’s take a look at the 5 ornaments this week.

Just Nan – Among The Roses



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss and gold metallic floss. A golden painted tortoise charm bead is stitched in center. I really love this elegant design with roses and butterflies. Also four pink hearts are done in satin stitches. Cute!

Just Nan – Batty Hatty & Boo (Trick Or Treat)



Stitched on 32ct. linen. Design came from Just Nan Batty Hatty & Boo. Also stitched with kreinik metallic floss.

Shepherd’s Bush – Boo



Stitched on 28ct. jobelan. A jack-o-lantern painted charm is stitched in this design. A Cute design!

Just Nan – Moon Riders (Jinx)



Stitched on 28ct. linen. I stitched extra border and added in special stitching into the outer border to make this design more colourful. So it makes it a very special one for Halloween!

Just Nan – Reindeer Games (oop design)



Just Nan Reindeer Games is one of the oop (out of print) design and is very rare you can hardly see this design now in anywhere. Sides of ornament are also top around with gold metallic handmade twisted cording. She was stitched on 28ct. linen with many seed beads. A sweet Christmas design from Just Nan.

~ Enjoy these pictures. Oh btw, I will make lesser Halloween ornaments down the weeks and top up more Fall and Christmas theme ornaments. So Check Out my ornaments down the weeks in ebay.

~ Have A Happy Week! For some of you in United States, Happy Labor Day too!