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Happy One Week Break! :)

Seow Stitchery will be having a 1 week break in ebay. “Weee!!!” 

Our next ebay listing will be on 5th September!

Till I get back here next week and give you more updates on my latest newly handmade ornaments.

See ya ! 

 ~ “A Good Rest is for Us to Prepare for a Longer Journey.” ~

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EBay mobile app error Showing “FREE SHIP”!

I Do Not Offer “Free Shipping” In My Ebay Listings!

~Okay, I know maybe some of you are surprised to see me posting in my blog on Monday (which I don’t usually do). Well something strange happened to me in ebay during the past weekend and I do think it will be a good thing to share with my followers/ visitors here.

Actually, I missed out some interesting posts in the ebay community that I usually don’t visit there often (due to spending too much time stitching and making my ornaments). So, all of you know I ‘list and end’ ebay listings on Saturday. Yap, Saturday is my ebay time. lol. Okay, so my previous ebay auctions ended the past Saturday. So, the “glitch ebay mobile app drama” happened on that day too. Yap.. I became one of the victim of theebay mobile app Free Shipping glitch / error / bug” or whatever you like to call or name it. At first, I do not know what this thing was all about. Usually when my listing ended with a winning bidder, ebay will automatically send the buyer an ebay invoice request for payment. One of my regular ebay buyer won 2 items that day. When she received the invoice, without checking carefully on the amount, she paid on the spot. But later, she notice the amount was not correct and send me 3 messages (well, very angry messages). Read on and you will know why she is very angry with me.

She was using her smartphone ebay mobile app to view my listings. And they show clearly as “Free Shipping”. But over my side, they show the actual flat rate shipping cost ($4.80). To make long story short, I am lucky to have a understanding buyer (well if you happen to be also an ebay seller, good luck to you), we communicated and exchange several ebay messages. I refunded her the shipping cost and specially offer her a Free  Shipping. I knew something was not very right from the start because nothing seems wrong with this buyer, she came back to me for more purchases. She is one of my regular customer. So I do trust her. But .. over my side, I do feel abit unfair. Because I have been a very honest seller in ebay for over 14 years. What had happened that make my listing showing Free Shipping? I’m confused. I knew my notebook was alright not being hacked. So what really happened?? I reported to ebay right away. This is a very serious thing and is misleading to my buyers. I hate being the bad guy being mistaken stealing my customer’s money for extra shipping cost whereby it should be Free Shipping by viewing using a smart phone. But I do not list my items as Free Shipping in the first place. 

Maybe some of you have encountered the same incident before. Well, maybe I just the few lucky ones to fall into the list that day. Or maybe just being lucky to encounter today. Yes! It’s the glitch in ebay mobile app showing Free Shipping on some mobile devices but to view the same listings using a regular computer, it will show the shipping cost. Misleading Right? This is actually an old topic that happened in 2009, today it is 2015. 7 years old Bug still not resolved by ebay.  😦

Check out this link below to view the post in ebay community on the ebay mobile app problem:

Ebay do refund the seller for extra fees paid. But honestly, I do not think this is not the best solution.  The worst part of this whole thing, causing more misunderstanding between sincere sellers and buyers to debate who’s right who’s wrong. But in the actual fact, both parties are right! Ebay should do something about this. Honestly, being with ebay for 14 years, I really do enjoy myself selling there. I know most of my old regular customers there. But on the other hand, to be very honest, todays ebay is not the past ebay I knew. Technical issues, high demand over seller’s performance and higher insertion fee and FVF fee are lots of key problems I see in todays ebay.

I miss year 2000 ebay!! (lol. if only I can return back to the past)


5 Newly Handmade Ornaments!

There will be 5 newly handmade ornaments in ebay this Saturday. One of the Halloween ornament that I want to talk about is a large size Halloween ornament that I made this year. It is an unique piece! This is the only one very large size ornament that I made for this coming Halloween 2015. So if you miss this one, you may have to wait till the next Halloween on 2016. (And who knows…maybe.. I may not even make another similar one again?) The reason is because this design in a larger size compare to others. It also takes a much longer time to cross stitch and make it into an ornament. Okay, you may be wondering which design I’m talking about. So let’s get started and take a look at the ornament I have been talking about.

WIPs Of the large size ornament: 


Well here it is! A beauty! Took me 3 days to stitch.


Just Nan – Victorian Roses



Rare OOP design! Stitched on 28ct. linen with many mill hill seed beads. A very beautiful design.

Just Nan – Ghastly , Ghostly Ghouls! (Large Size Ornament)



Stitched on 28ct. linen, a skull charm is stitched on this design. This is indeed a colourful Halloween design from Just Nan. Also a Pretty Halloween design! Don’t miss out this ornament! It’s RARE & Hard to find!

The Drawn Thread – It’s Halloween!



It’s Halloween! Yes it’s going to be! ~Stitched on 32ct. linen. Moon stitched with dmc gold metallic floss. A rich color tone design.

Just Nan – Poor Jack!



Stitched on 28ct linen. I made this design into a round ornament.

And I also started listing my very first Christmas Ornament in 2015! Here is it!

Just Nan – Snow Deer ( Rare OOP Design!)



Another Rare “Out Of Print” Just Nan design. Just Nan Snow deer was stitched on 28ct linen. Sides of ornament are top around with a handmade gold metallic twisted cording.

I will be listing Christmas ornaments from this week onwards. I will slowly increase the number of ornaments down the weeks too. Do check out my blog for more updates.

Thank You For Being Here! Enjoy the pictures! Happy blogging & Happy Ebaying!


On 15th August: 5 Handmade Ornaments In ebay!

This saturday 15th August, I will be listing 5 handmade ornaments in ebay. Here are the ornaments.

Just Nan designs – Victorian Floral



Stitched on 32ct. linen with dmc floss, gold metallic floss and lots of mill hill seed beads. A Beautiful Rare “Out Of Print” Just Nan design.

Just Nan designs – Crowjacker (Ghost)



A Cute NEW Halloween design from Just Nan! There are 3 designs in this series. Here is one of the first design. Stitched on 32ct. linen. It’s so CUTE!!

Val’s Stuff designs – Tricks Or Treats

WIPs Of Tricks Or Treats:


And The Completed Ornament:



Stitched on 28ct linen with 3 handmade candy cone cray buttons. A cute Halloween ornament you do not want to miss out!

Lizzie Kate Designs – eek!



Stitched on 28ct jobelan with 2 mill hill black seed beads. Center top with matching dark purple Halloween spider grosgrain ribbon with the wording “eek”. *Note: Due to my camera’s flashlight , the ribbon color seems to be blue, however it is in dark purple.

Just Nan – Pretty Wicked (*Relisted)

Starting Bid Price At $20.59!! Only for this ornament this week!


*Stitched on 32ct. Belfast Linen.

5 New Handmade Ornaments In Ebay!

I will be listing 5 newly handmade ornaments in ebay on 8th August 2015!

WIPs of Just Nan Primrose Path:


I finally managed to squeeze out some little extra time stitching this pretty Just Nan design. I love the details  and rich colors of this design. Just Nan designs are beautiful! I have made this completed piece of project into a pretty ornament.

Just Nan – Primrose Path



Stitched on 32ct. linen with dmc floss, gold metallic floss, many mill hill gold seed beads and a bronze bee charm in center. I crochet knitted  the lace around the sides of ornament in rainbow color. Top with satin and sheer ribbon bow in top center.  I really love the completed look of the ornament.

Just Nan – Frightful (part 3 design)



This is a Halloween design from Just Nan Frightful. There is a total of 4 designs in this series. You can either stitch each design or all four designs to form a larger size. I picked part 3 from this design to stitch and make it into an ornament. To stitch all four designs, it will be too large to make it into an ornament for Halloween. I may stitch the rest of the designs and make them into ornaments later. So if you wish to purchase the other designs too, please do check back here often for my latest updates.  🙂  Btw, This design was stitched on 28ct linen.

Lizzie Kate designs – Halloween Sampler



Pretty Halloween design from Lizzie Kate, stitched on 32ct. linen.

Pine Mountain designs – Trick Or Treat



Stitched on 28ct. jobelan. A simple yet cute design for Halloween.

Just Nan – Scream Girls



Special Starting Bid Price $20.39!  Only For this ornament!

Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss. “BOO” wording backstitched with kreinik purple metallic floss.

~ ♥ So here are the 5 ornaments that will be listed in ebay this coming Saturday. Till I bring you more pictures next week on my latest handmade ornaments. See you next week!  Happy ebaying and Happy stitching! Have a Wonderful time here too!  –TAN.