:) Busy Stitching My Halloween Projects.

I am currently busy working along with some cute Halloween projects. There will be approximately 4 newly handmade ornaments this Saturday. I hope I can have more time stitching more designs. But as I need to stitch my extra large design, most of the extra time to stitch other designs are very limited. I hope as days goes by, I will have more extra time for my other projects. As my extra large design is about 70% completed, I think it will take me probably an extra 2-4 months time to get it done. I am glad that the owner of this extra large project has given me extra time to stitch slowly. I really appreciate her kindness. Due to Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and some other seasonal projects fall into my stitching list from July 2015 till January 2016, I do think the next coming months will be a very busy stitching period for me. I hope I will be able to work on some designs that I’ve missed out stitching last year, so I really hope I can make it this year. I hope to make something new this year and I really look forward to it. Anyway, here are some designs that I have been stitching along when I was also busy working on my large design. –


A beautiful Halloween design from Sweetheart Tree that I really loved. I hope most of you do. A cute Halloween Jack-O-Lantern charm has stitched in this design. Also a few different stitching method are applied in this design. I will probably make this piece into a cute heart shape ornament.


Another cute Halloween design from Heartstring designs. I have been looking forward to stitch this design this year. and finally I’ve done it! I’m glad I did. I have seen a completed ornament in one stitcher’s blog a year ago. It is so cute! She done it into a cute pillow ornament. The completed ornament was hanged on her door. It look really cute! Therefore, here I am stitching and making my ornament from this cute design. The design look great when stitched on dirty green jobelan.

Do Check out more designs tomorrow at my blog here. ~  🙂


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