Hello! And See U Soon In Ebay!

A BIG “Hello!!” to all my blog followers here! Yes! It’s been a month I have left this lovely blog. I have been trying to complete almost the very last large preorder project while also having a long rest for myself. I have received some email messages from some of you but I have also lost some of the messages because of the space concern in my email inbox. So, if you happened to wrote to me during the past month in June (while I was away), I may not be able to answer your emails/ messages OR you may not hear back from me. That is because your message may have be “kick out” from the system since my inbox space is full. I am very sorry about it. But right now, I have cleared my inbox, so everythings are back in normal. 🙂  For those of you who wrote in to request for preorders, I am so sorry that I will only be able to take in extra preorders in October 2015. I am still in the mid of stitching the very last extra large project for Laura.  If you missed out my preorder notice, please kindly click on “To PreOrder” on the top to read the special notice for preorder.  I am currently working very hard to complete my last extra large project. And I hope to get this project done by October.

Okay, so when will be my next ebay auction? (Which many of you asked.)

Well, My next ebay auction will be in 11th July 2015, next Saturday. Don’t Miss Out! Do Check out here at my blog for latest details on the new ornaments. In the meantime, Enjoy your Summertime!

&…. HAPPY 4Th Of JULY !!!

~Best Regards, TAN.  July 2015


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