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4 Newly Handmade Ornaments On 1st August 2015!

As I have mentioned in my blog yesterday, I will probably be listing 4 newly handmade ornaments in ebay this coming Saturday. And Yes! I did!

So here are the 4 ornaments.

Just Nan – Flower Girls



Stitched on 32ct linen with many mill hill seed beads and a Lucite flower bead in center. I specially crochet knitted the lace with matching marine blue and multi colors of rose blue cotton crochet yarns. Also top with a matching sheer and satin ribbon bow in center top of ornament, making this little cute ornament a little different with the vibrant colors.

Sweetheart Tree – Pumpkin Time Heart



Stitched on 28ct linen with a Jack-O-Lantern charm in center. This design included some different stitching methods. This is one of a special heart shape Halloween ornament that I made.

Just Nan – Pretty Wicked



Stitched on 32ct linen. Just Nan Pretty Wicked may seems similar to another Just Nan design – Be Witchy but yet they are different from one another. This witch has pretty eyelashes. The design has vibrant tones of colors. A very cute Halloween design.

Heartstrings – BOO



Stitched on dirty green 28ct. jobelan. I have made this ornament with a tones of violet and white crochet laces at sides to match the design colors.

Enjoy these pictures!  🙂


:) Busy Stitching My Halloween Projects.

I am currently busy working along with some cute Halloween projects. There will be approximately 4 newly handmade ornaments this Saturday. I hope I can have more time stitching more designs. But as I need to stitch my extra large design, most of the extra time to stitch other designs are very limited. I hope as days goes by, I will have more extra time for my other projects. As my extra large design is about 70% completed, I think it will take me probably an extra 2-4 months time to get it done. I am glad that the owner of this extra large project has given me extra time to stitch slowly. I really appreciate her kindness. Due to Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and some other seasonal projects fall into my stitching list from July 2015 till January 2016, I do think the next coming months will be a very busy stitching period for me. I hope I will be able to work on some designs that I’ve missed out stitching last year, so I really hope I can make it this year. I hope to make something new this year and I really look forward to it. Anyway, here are some designs that I have been stitching along when I was also busy working on my large design. –


A beautiful Halloween design from Sweetheart Tree that I really loved. I hope most of you do. A cute Halloween Jack-O-Lantern charm has stitched in this design. Also a few different stitching method are applied in this design. I will probably make this piece into a cute heart shape ornament.


Another cute Halloween design from Heartstring designs. I have been looking forward to stitch this design this year. and finally I’ve done it! I’m glad I did. I have seen a completed ornament in one stitcher’s blog a year ago. It is so cute! She done it into a cute pillow ornament. The completed ornament was hanged on her door. It look really cute! Therefore, here I am stitching and making my ornament from this cute design. The design look great when stitched on dirty green jobelan.

Do Check out more designs tomorrow at my blog here. ~  🙂

5 Ornaments In ebay this Saturday!!!

Here comes my five newly handmade ornaments that will be available in ebay this coming Saturday 25th July.

To ensure that my handmade ornaments are special, I always try to make one ornament from each particular design. I do make similar ornaments but they will not always be exactly the same. Always Remember that all these ornaments are 100% handmade items!  🙂

-Okay, so let’s get going and take a quick look at the 5 new ornaments now.


Just Nan – Sunny Summer Happy Garden (OOP design)



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss, lots of mill hill seed beads and a cute sunflower charm. Sides are specially hand crochet with matching color crochet cotton yarns, center top with matching color organza and satin ribbon.

This is one of the Just Nan Out Of Print design that I rarely made. Just Nan designs are always a beauty when you make them into cute ornaments and hang them somewhere in your home. But as usual, their design always come in a limited edition. Especially for this one too. So don’t miss it if you are a fan of Just Nan designs.

Just Nan – Rosebuds



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss and lots of mill hill seed beads. Sides hand crochet with light rose glittering crochet cotton yarns. Another beauty I made from Just Nan design.

Just Nan – BEWARE!



Stitched on 28ct. jobelan with dmc floss, center top with cute matching Halloween grosgrain ribbon, sides are also top with an extra handmade twisted cording. This is an unique ornament I don’t usually make. I do stitched the same design at last year’s Halloween, however, this time I managed to stitch this cute design again and turn it into a cute little ornament.

Just Nan – Horrified



Stitched on 28ct linen with dmc floss, center top with a cute jack o lantern grosgrain ribbon, sides are also top with an extra orange handmade twisted cording. A Cute Halloween ornament.

Val’s Stuff – BOO MOON



Stitched on 28ct jobelan with dmc floss , a moon and star cray button are also stitched on this design. Center top with cute Halloween spider grosgrain ribbon. Don’t miss out this cute little ornament for Halloween!

~~So here are the 5 ornaments. I hope everyone enjoys viewing my blog and the pictures of my handmade ornaments. I received a few “likes” on some of my posts recently. THANK YOU so much for liking some my posts and I really appreciate your visit!

Enjoy Your Stay! Happy Stitching!

4 Ornaments In Ebay 18th July!!!

I will be listing 4 newly handmade ornaments in ebay on this coming Saturday 18th July. Three of them are in Halloween themes. I will list more Halloween ornaments in the next few weeks too. So do check out for my latest updates on these lovely ornaments right here in my blog!

Here are the 4 ornaments for this week:

JUST NAN – Bee Hive Violets



Stitched on 28ct Cashel linen with dmc floss, gold metallic threads, many mill hill seed beads and a bronze bee charm.

JUST NAN – Batty Jack



Stitched on 28ct Cashel linen with dmc floss. Ornament center top with Halloween theme grosgrain ribbon. A cute little Halloween design ornament.

JUST NAN – Be Witchy



Stitched on 28ct Cashel linen with dmc floss and mill hill seed beads. Ornament center top with Halloween theme grosgrain ribbon. A cute little Halloween design ornament.

San Man Originals – Little Pumpkin Kitty



This is one of a larger size Halloween ornament I made. Stitched on 28ct evenweave with dmc floss. Ornament center top with Cute Halloween theme grosgrain ribbon. Another cute little Halloween design ornament ready to be hang during Halloween.

(*To view more details on these ornaments, please kindly refer to their ebay auction page. Thank you.)

2 Just Nan Ornaments In Ebay 11th July!!

Hi, I am so happy to list with ebay today again. It’s been a month’s time I have not been listing in ebay. Today I’m finally back in ebay after a long rest. 🙂 There will be only 2 Just Nan design handmade ornaments listed in ebay later today. But that’s not all I have. I will be listing more newly handmade ornaments starting from next week (18th July) onwards. They will be including mainly on summer to winter themes (designs you can find in October to January). I will list these ornaments slowly down the weeks and increasing more different season themes months by months in my ebay auctions. So, Do check out weekly on the updates of my ebay sales of my handmade ornaments at my blog here.

*For some of you who wrote to me regarding preordering of handmade ornaments, I am very sorry that I will only be able to start accepting preorders after October. This is because I am still in the mid of working on a particular extra large cross stitch design for a customer. I am unable to handle extra projects currently. I am very sorry about it. I do appreciate your kindness understanding and I really appreciate your interest to preorder with me. Once I have completed the extra large project, I will update my preorder notice here in my blog. In the meantime, you may want to check out some of my ready handmade ornaments listed in ebay from today onwards. 🙂

So here are the 2 Just Nan design ornaments.



Just Nan – Beach Roses

Stitched on 32ct. Belfast Linen with tiny pearls, mill hill seed beads and a cute starfish charm in center. Many different stitching methods are applied in the design.



Just Nan – Butterfly Bouquet

Stitched on 28ct. Belfast Linen with mill hill seed beads and a butterfly charm in center. A Rare design from Just Nan.

(*To view more details on the ornaments, please kindly refer to the ebay auction page on these ornaments. Thank you.)


Hello! And See U Soon In Ebay!

A BIG “Hello!!” to all my blog followers here! Yes! It’s been a month I have left this lovely blog. I have been trying to complete almost the very last large preorder project while also having a long rest for myself. I have received some email messages from some of you but I have also lost some of the messages because of the space concern in my email inbox. So, if you happened to wrote to me during the past month in June (while I was away), I may not be able to answer your emails/ messages OR you may not hear back from me. That is because your message may have be “kick out” from the system since my inbox space is full. I am very sorry about it. But right now, I have cleared my inbox, so everythings are back in normal. 🙂  For those of you who wrote in to request for preorders, I am so sorry that I will only be able to take in extra preorders in October 2015. I am still in the mid of stitching the very last extra large project for Laura.  If you missed out my preorder notice, please kindly click on “To PreOrder” on the top to read the special notice for preorder.  I am currently working very hard to complete my last extra large project. And I hope to get this project done by October.

Okay, so when will be my next ebay auction? (Which many of you asked.)

Well, My next ebay auction will be in 11th July 2015, next Saturday. Don’t Miss Out! Do Check out here at my blog for latest details on the new ornaments. In the meantime, Enjoy your Summertime!

&…. HAPPY 4Th Of JULY !!!

~Best Regards, TAN.  July 2015