Upcoming Cross Stitching Projects


First, I will like to thank all Ebay bidders and visitors for coming here to visit my little cross stitching blog in wordpress. Thank you so much for loving my needlecraft creations! I hope all of you will have a joyful time visiting here. Time flies, it’s spring time! It was like yesterday that we just celebrated Christmas and New Year then, following Easter. In the next few months, it will be 4th of July, then follow by Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas again. It’s been more than 16 years I have been selling my needlecraft work in ebay. Looks like I’m getting old. Well, but I’m never too old for cross-stitching! (lol) I will keep this passion and love forever! 🙂

Okay, Here’s a summary of what I am cross-stitching currently.

WIPs of my current projects:



I make these two designs into ornaments and get them listed in ebay on this coming Saturday. I will update the pictures of my newly made ornaments tomorrow here.

~I have also picked my mermaid design stitching wishlist in 2015. I ordered the materials from my supplier on last Friday. I received the package on Tuesday morning. Here they are. I am still lacking two types of Mill Hill beads because they are out of stock. They will be coming in by end of this week. WOW!! Too Many beads….looking at them makes my heart beat faster. So probably you have guess which design I will be stitching. Anyway, I am prepared for the lots and lots of beading work. I picked the design for three reasons. First, I have already had most of the dmc floss needed to stitch the project. Second, I just love the effect with many beads on her, a gorgeous 3D effect when finished. Third, I just love the way how she posed herself in the design. I will be stitching her in a special hand-dyed Ocean Mist -Opalescent 32ct. Belfast Linen. I will hand-dyed the linen myself, so the background color will be special. Hopefully. 🙂

MH Mermaid


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