WIPs of my cross stitching this week.

While I am still searching high and low for my mermaid project in 2015, my fingers are still very busy on my preorders and other ornament work. Okay, below are some WIPs either waiting to be complete or has already just completed. I can now no more produce more than 4 newly made ornaments each week. My Lanarte cross stitch is still half way done. šŸ˜¦ Will have to speed up abit the few following week. So here are the WIPs for some of my current projects.


This design is ‘Antique Elegance’.Ā I spent the whole afternoon working on this design. Too many beading work and so many vinesĀ etc. on the design. I would say “Try Stitching This If You Dare!”. This will be a beauty when completed! IĀ can’t wait to get her doneĀ on my raw Opalescent 32ct. Lugana.Ā Let’s wait patiently for now. It won’t be long. šŸ™‚


‘Home Is…’ ,Ā a beautiful design just completed stitching on Vintage country cream 32ct. Belfast Linen. Now waiting to turn this into an ornament hanger!


A cute little Pearl Angel just completed stitching on Periwinkle Opalescent 32ct Lugana. Face and hands stitched with 1 over 1 petite stitches. She is so cute! Also waiting to make her into a pretty ornament hanger.

See you again soon… Till I get all ornamentsĀ completedĀ before this coming saturday!



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