Happy March!


It’s March , I love spring time. However not so good to sit down and stitch this month. Why? Well, over here in my country Singapore, the weather now is very warm. It seldom rain nowadays. I really hope it will rain today! However, I am so happy to hear from some of you. Thank you Anette, Donna and Laura for writing to me when I was having my Chinese New Year break in February till early March. I really enjoy myself during the holidays. I actually drive up to my neighbouring country Malaysia during this period. ( Malaysia is also a part of Asia countries, just situated next to Singapore.) Had a really great time with my family. I will like to Thank Anette here especially! ~ Thank you for loving my stitching work! And Thank you for your lots of preorders. Thank you for being a loyal customers for years. I will keep my fingers busy working on your designs. I do think they will probably keep me busy till early autumn. Lol. Thank you for your patience! I hope I won’t keep you waiting too long for the lanarte design (for your mother’s birthday). My promise!! 🙂

Just a little note for Special Preorders.

I will not be taking in any special preorders from now till June 2015 unless for *some of you who send me the preorder request before February 2015, I will try to squeeze in some extra time to stitch your design. (*Please kindly note that I may need a longer time stitching your preorders too. Thank you so so much! )

I do think 2015 will be a busy stitching year for me. Also, I am looking forward to stitch a special mermaid for myself this year! I haven’t been stitching a design for myself and my family in 2014, so I will make one in the year 2015. I’ve actually found a best place to hang my framed mermaid work. Now what I need is some extra time for ‘her’. Lol. I hope she can wait for me.

I hope everyone have a great time stitching! 🙂


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